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Covid-19, a solidarity initiative in TLC A virtual event with some of the most representative figures of the TLC sector. The participants are invited to perform a voluntary donation for Italian Civil Protection.
UniTrento Board of Directors allocates 1 million euro to tackle emergency Funding will be used to examine samples for the Provincial Health Care Service, for scientific dissemination and other services.
Cancer research, the guardian of the genome has a new ally A study by the University of Trento identified a protein that, like a switch, controls the onset of cell death processes
Let's support our hospitals The campaign launched by the student community of UniTrento received plenty of donations
Four initiatives to help single individuals and families during this isolation period Remote activities designed by the team of psychology and psychotherapy of ODFLab
Applications are now open for Claudio Demattè scholarship 2020 The deadline to submit applications is 30 April