Monday, 3 April 2017

Evaluation of quality of research 2011-2014

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The 2011-2014 ANVUR Report on the Quality of Research (VQR) rewards the work of CIMeC and ranks it first among the Italian universities in the field of psychological sciences.

A national evaluation of quality of research (the ‘VQR’) for 2011-2014 has ranked CIMeC first place in the field of psychological sciences among all Italian universities. The report is now available on the website of the National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research (ANVUR), the only Italian organization that officially evaluates universities.

The University of Trento came first in the category of medium sized Italian universities in four different areas, including the psychological sciences. “The outcome of the assessment is highly satisfying for researchers at CIMeC who, for a decade have focused on breaking down international and cross-disciplinary borders to advance their fields of research. This appraisal has placed CIMeC in a position of absolute national prominence. It makes me very proud to be a part of this center.” said Carlo Miniussi, CIMeC’s director.

Within CIMeC, psychologists, physicists, biologists, linguists, neurologists, mathematicians, neurophysiologists, and ethologists, from more than twenty countries work alongside each other on what is now considered to be one of the most fascinating areas of scientific research: the brain and its functions.

This year CIMeC celebrates its tenth anniversary. The launch of this endeavor was made possible thanks to the foresight of leaders of the University of Trento, the Province of Trentino, and the community investment funds of Trento and Rovereto. These institutions recognized that encouraging the growth of knowledge and international collaboration would drive progress for the entire territory, both in the local and national arenas.

The advanced technological resources available to brain researchers at CIMeC, combined with an open recruitment policy, and career advancement guided by merit, has resulted in numerous scientific discoveries and international honors. A testament to the success of this approach are nine European ERC grants, among many other awards won by researchers from the center, totaling over 11 million Euros.

I hope that this recognition will further stimulate the support of excellence at the University of Trento and in the Province of Trentino. Finally, I would like to express my pride and great satisfaction in congratulating and thanking the members of the Center, past and present, who have helped achieve this prestigious goal” concluded Miniussi.