Friday, 24 July 2020

Think Open Rovereto Workshop 2020 on CIMeC's Youtube Channel

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The goal of Think Open Rovereto Workshop was to bring together people from different disciplines and backgrounds to discuss the latest insights related to open science, with a special emphasis on cognitive neuroscience. This year main topics were:

  • replication and reproducibility;
  • open access;
  • standard ways to arrange, analyze and share neuroimaging data.

You can now access all the material discussed at Think Open Rovereto Workshop #TORW2020 on CIMeC's Youtube Channel. You will find a link to the slides and to other relevant material in the video descriptions.

Invited Speaker

  • Serena Bonaretti - Transparent Muscoloskeletal Research, The Netherlands
  • Rotem Botvinik-Netzer - Dartmouth College, USA
  • Oscar Esteban - Stanford University, USA
  • Massimo Grassi - Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy
  • Stephan Heunis - Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Vittorio Iacovella - Università di Trento, Italy
  • Camille Maumet - INRIA (Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies du numérique), France
  • Marcus Munafò - University of Bristol, UK
  • Kamran Naim - CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Switzerland
  • Guiomar Niso - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
  • Franco Pestilli - Indiana University, USA
  • William Hedley Thompson - Stanford University, USA

Scientific Organizers

  • Massimo Grassi, University of Padova, Italy
  • Uri Hasson, University of Trento, Italy
  • Vittorio Iacovella, University of Trento, Italy
  • Carlo Miniussi, University of Trento, Italy