Tuesday, 26 May 2020

NEW!! Calendar of dates for online exams - Summer session

Versione stampabile

Dear students,

In the Download section on the right you will find the calendar with the dates of online language exams due to be held this summer. Those students who have applied via the form available until 18 May (and who meet the criteria indicated in the application, namely a high priority student), will find their matriculation number in the file with the language and level of the exam they need to take indicated alongside (type of exam and the date/time of the online exam).

For those who have to take an oral exam in addition to the written part, this will usually take place the Friday of the following week, after successfully passing the written part. 

Guidelines on how to take the online exam and the oral part can be found here on the right in the Download section. 

Anyone who has not yet been put on the list or has not filled in the application will have to wait until exams start again after the summer session. Further details on the procedure to follow will be given HERE