Monday, 29 January 2024

2-week course on Turbulence in Environmental Flows

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Following the success of last year's edition, we have decided to offer again a 2-week course on Turbulence in Environmental Flows (abstract below) organized by the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering of the University of Trento, Italy, from 27 May to 7 June 2024.
Participation is open to MSc and Ph.D. students, young researchers, and practitioners. The course can be attended on-site or online for a total duration of 60 hours (including hands-on tutorials), corresponding to 6 ECTS for MSc students. A small fee (216 €) is required for the registration, which closes on 31 March 2024.

The relevant information can be found on the course's website:
but do not hesitate to contact us for specific requests.

Turbulence in environmental flows

Abstract. Turbulence is one of the last mysteries, not yet fully understood, in nonlinear fluid mechanics (including multiphase flows). In this course, we provide an introduction to turbulence by coupling the analysis of the most used numerical models (e.g., k-epsilon model) and the interpretation of real-world measurements, with a special focus on processes occurring in the atmosphere and in stratified water bodies such as lakes. The course covers theoretical and numerical aspects of turbulence modelling and introduces the necessary statistical tools for the analysis of data from turbulence observations both in the field and in the laboratory. Theoretical aspects are supported by numerous hands-on tutorials.

Please share this information with your colleagues and students who may be interested in these topics, covering also the field of atmospheric physics.

Hope to see you in Trento!