Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Students from Virginia Tech University visited DISI Department

Within the Engineering Education’s Rising Sophomores Abroad Program

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On May 16th, 28 students enrolled in their first year of engineering at Virginia Tech University came to visit the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science as part of the prestigious international Rising Sophomores Abroad Program (RSAP) on engineering education of the American university, which includes a spring preparatory course culminating in ten days abroad.

The students were firstly welcomed by prof. Fabrizio Granelli who illustrated the activities and teaching and research programs of DISI; then, they visited the Augmented Health Environments Lab led by prof. Giuseppe Riccardi and the FabLab, led by prof. Alberto Montresor.

The "Rising Sophomores Abroad Program (RSAP)" is one of Virginia Tech's premier abroad programs, for which they won a Simon Award in 2019.The purpose of the overseas part of the program is to promote networking with peers, visit engineering labs and industries, and learn about engineering education in countries other than the United States.

The visit is part of the bilateral agreement between the University of Trento and Virginia Tech which involves in and out mobility of structured teachers and researchers as well as students. The group remained in Trento from 13 to 18 May having the opportunity not only to get to know the three Engineering Departments of the University, as well as the Bruno Kessler Foundation, but also to carry out cultural activities such as a visit to the production chain of the Ferrari Cellars.