Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Planned service shutdown on brenta on next December, 20th due to platform migration

Versione stampabile

"brenta" server is going to be decommissioned, and all services it now provides are going to be hosted on a new server called "brentino". We spent a lot of effort trying to make this transition to happen as smoothly as possible, however some aspects of old configuration had to be adapted to the new setup. Most of these changes are not going to affect your average usage of hosting services; they are anyhow detailed below for reference.

Operatively, a service interruption has been planned for next Wednesday, that is, December 20th; all network services (including remote login via ssh) are going to be turned off starting from 9:00 a.m. All the necessary steps in order to minimize the anticipated downtime have been taken: as such, services should be restored by 12 a.m. (noon) on the same day, on the new platform.

Home directories content will be copied to the new server, as well as user accounts; however, your login credentials will likely change. Indeed, we kept the user names unchanged (except for a few persons that have already been notified), while we made so that everyone can use ADA-backed passwords (the one you use for accessing your @unitn.it email account). So, to sum up: please use old user names, with new passwords instead.

brentino will inherit both the IP address ( of brenta as well as all its (many) domain names, with the exception of "brenta.disi.unitn.it", which will still point to then old system. As a matter of fact, access to the old infrastructure will still be possible, with the old domain name "brenta.disi.unitn.it": old server is kept online for reference and archival purposes, for a long yet finished period of time; modification of its content would be forbidden. Hence, everyone is kindly advised to replace any occurrence of references to "brenta.disi.unitn.it" with "disi.unitn.it".

New server is going to provide web hosting as before; old web sites have been moved to their novel positions. Personal home pages, projects, conferences and so on will be still accessible, and browsable, as they used to be in the old setup.

Despite our best efforts, it could be that something has been overlooked and/or left behind. This is to say that, in the following days, some services might require some tuning: please report to tech.disi [at] unitn.it any suspect faulty or anomalous behavior you may identify: the sooner we are aware of an issue, the sooner we could fix it.

 For more information please contact: tech.disi [at] unitn.it (DISI Technical Staff)