Friday, 7 December 2018

Prof. Renato Lo Cigno and Dr. Michele Segata received the Best Paper Award at IEEE VNC 2018

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Prof. Renato Lo Cigno and Dr. Michele Segata, from the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, received the Best Paper Award at IEEE VNC 2018 for the paper: "A LiDAR Error Model for Cooperative Driving Simulations" by Michele Segata, Renato Lo Cigno, Rahul Kumar Bhadani, Matthew Bunting, and Jonathan, Sprinkle.

The prestigious IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference, at its 10-th edition, is one of the premier venues for themes related to autonomous and cooperative driving and for vehicular networking in general. It is organized and sponsored by the IEEE Communication Society (ComSoc) and the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS), and it is a forum where the research community and industry meet to discuss the future of this exciting research field.

The paper, for the first time, offers the community a valid model for the errors of LiDAR-based distance ranging systems, thus giving a solid ground to design robust and resilient safety systems as CACC (Cooperative Autonomous Cruise Control) and Emergency Breaking. The model is integrated into a state of the arts simulator allowing the evaluation of the LiDAR errors on the application in an accurate and safe way.

For further details: A LiDAR Error Model for Cooperative Driving Simulations