Thursday, 12 March 2020

Technical and administrative activities @ DISI

Until September 30, 2020

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From 15 September 2020, the presence of personnel at the workplace is no longer related to the activities identified as undelayable and urgent. With the same effective date and until 31 December 2020, also in order to guarantee the protection of the safety and health of employees, smart working is guaranteed up to 50% of the activities that can be carried out remotely by the technical administrative staff. Consequently, the department requires the presence of staff employed at 50% of their weekly hours (both full-time and part-time).

Smart working activities are therefore partially extended until 30 September 2020. However, the Department offices remain virtually open and you can enter the office upon agreed appointment. Here below you find all email addresses related to the offices. The people while in smart-working can also be reached by phone.


Staff manager
E-mail: mirella.carli [at]
Mirella Carli - 3966 

DISI Administrative Secretariat
E-mail: amm.disi [at]
Maura Mingozzi - 3996  
Giorgia Stefani - 5266

DISI Communication Office 
E-mail: comm.disi [at] 
Betty Balduin - 5302
Monica Cosi - 3848

DISI Educational Office
E-mail: edu.disi [at]
Maria Rosaria Astarita - 5328  
Volha Tarasevich - 3974

Doctoral Schools 
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) E-mail: [at]
Industrial Innovation (IID) E-mail industrial-innovation [at]
Francesca Belton - 3989
Andrea Stenico - 2059

DISI Technical service
E-mail: tech.disi [at]
Veronica Rizzi - 2005
Danilo Severina - 2082  
Alessandro Tomasi - 2079  
Davide Molteni - 3772