Friday, 29 May 2020

ICLUS - Italian Covid-19 Lung Ultrasound project

Courses for medical professionals with applied learning

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The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science and the Foundation VRT have organized a tech training course for medics and paramedics of the Trentino healthcare facilities within the ICLUS project in recent days. The project is a collaboration among different research groups of the Department, BlueTensor, Caritro Foundation, Amazon Web Services and the ProM Facility at Rovereto.

During the training course, ​it is taught ​how to use the ​ICLUS-WEB software based on artificial intelligence algorithms to support ​and monitor ​the diagnosis of COVID-19. The algorithms used are the result of ​​the activities​ ​of the Deep and Structured Machine Learning research program group​ coordinated by professors Elisa Ricci and Andrea Passerini in collaboration with FBK and the University of Eindhoven. A ​full equipment ​kit was provided to ​allow the applied learning on ultrasounds at the bed​site​ of the ​COVID-19 ​​affected patient​.​

​On repeat, other meetings and training courses are planned and are held free of charge at the ​sites of the University​ of Trento​. 
The courses are ​offered by professors Libertario Demi and Paolo Giorgini.

For more information please see the useful links session at the top right-hand corner:

  • Interview with Libertario Demi on RTTR Radio on 16 June 2020 (from minute 31 onwards, in Italian only)
  • Video presentation of ICLUS project

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