Tuesday, 6 October 2020

DISI and Artificial Intelligence: the last investigator-driven frontier research

Interview with the director Paolo Giorgini on RaiNews

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To train the future generation of graduates, the new Master's Degree course in “Artificial Intelligence Systems” has just started. The demand for this specialization comes directly from the economic world: "This discipline is having an impact on all sectors - confirmed Paolo Giorgini, Director and full professor of the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science during the interview released to RaiNews Scienza & Tecnologie - in the primary economic activity of agriculture, in the secondary sector with the role of manufacturing, and the tertiary industry that provides services".

For quite a long time, various projects got started and have been developed at the Buildings Ferrari at Povo that use Artificial Intelligence in the laboratories to help make everyday life less complicated for everyone. Some examples are represented by sanitizing robots which, avoiding obstacles, sanitize floors, handles and surfaces. Another application with heavily funded research is in the healthcare sector: specifically, in the ability to recognize immediately the severity of Covid-19 pneumonia by analyzing ultrasound images, as explained in the interview by prof. Giorgini.

Thus, Artificial Intelligence is attested to be a multidisciplinary area that involves different regional territories capable of creating synergies among institutions, university departments and research centers. An example locally in the fruit and wine sector is represented by the “Smart Irrigation” brand-new wireless technologies based on IoT and AI applied in the vineyards of the Sarca Valley in collaboration with scientific and industrial partners.

Watch the full interview on RaiNews Scienza & Tecnologie - 01 October 2020 (IT only)