Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Video interview with Giulia Boato, professor at DISI

“Stories of research” at Unitrento

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Nowadays we can no longer say I believe what I see [...] because multimedia contents may not represent the reality in a reliable way”. This is the message by Giulia Boato, associate professor at the Multimedia Signal Processing and Understanding research program of the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science in the video interview, now online.

Prof. Boato tells us about her research on the forensic analysis of multimedia data and the verification of their authenticity through mathematical and probabilistic approaches. The goal is to recognize through softwares support those traces invisible to the naked eye that allow us to understand if an image has been counterfeited, or if the face that appears in a video is authentic or computer-generated.

Prof. Boato’s research future challenges concern the need to create awareness of the relation between real and virtual identity at all levels of society and find important applications in the digital security field.

This video is one of the twenty-five interviews produced within the project UniTrento-Stories to recount the behind-the-scenes of research work. Researchers from different discipline areas tell about their day-to-day work and try to explain what it means for them to do research. 

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This project was conducted by Ilaria Ampollini, postdoc researcher of the Department of Sociology and Social Research of the University of Trento, and is part of a wider research project called CLaSTerCome Lavora la Scienza - A dialogue between the University and its region”, funded by the Autonomous Province of Trento (STAR grant).