Friday, 13 November 2020

Award ceremony of the DigiEduHack challenge in Trento

Students competing to design the teaching of the future post-Covid

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The University of Trento joined DigiEduhack, an international initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) for the second consecutive year, as part of the action plan for digital education that took place on November 12 to 13.
The local challenge, organized by the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, by the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science and by Hub Innovazione Trentino (HIT), and sponsored by SpazioDati, involved more than 40 students from 6 different departments, organized into 8 teams. The participants got involved in the design of the future of education by addressing the topic "Innovative learning beyond covid: collaborative tools in scientific labs and team experiences".
The winning teams "DigEduridoo" composed of the students Amos Brazzoli, Alessia Noviello, Sara Polak, Thomas Reolon, Vesna Misic and "Provolosi" composed of Sergio Facchini, Lorenzo Framba, Sebastiano Castellan, Simone Degiacomi, can now compete in the second stage of the competition, in which the DigiEduhack International Committee will select 10 finalist teams among all the winners of local challenges.

“As soon as the global pandemic is over, a fundamental requirement for universities will be to provide suitable new technologies to deliver quality distance learning” - comments prof. Alberto Montresor, organizer of the Trentino challenge - "One of the strengths of the University of Trento will always be face-to-face teaching, but in the near future we will need to get out of traditional teaching based on this cycle explanation-study-exam, adopting new innovative methodologies to be collaborative and interactive. We have to rethink the technology behind online and blended learning in order to best suit the students’ needs. We, therefore, asked our "direct customers” meaning the students, to help in this project by sharing their ideas and their needs”.

DigiEduHack is an #EIT initiative under the EC’s Digital Education action plan, led by EIT #Climate-KIC and coordinated by Aalto University global; it creates a virtual home for a global community dedicated to redefining the future of learning and enhancing digital skills and competencies for digital transformation.