Tuesday, 15 December 2020

DISI researchers at the top of the World Ranking of Scientist database

on the quality of scientific production

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​The Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science confirms the results recently obtained in the 2020 Best Global Universities ranking published by US News & World Reporting where it was ranked first in Italy on publications in the field of computer science.

​In the "World Ranking of Scientist" database created by Stanford University, which collects the best scientists who have distinguished themselves worldwide for the number of publications and relative citations, out of 64 representatives of the University of Trento included in the ranking, 15 academics belong to DISI department (*). This is almost 24% of the UniTrento members, as evidence of the quality of scientific production expressed by the Department.

​The database is the result of a bibliometric analysis based on data obtained from Scopus, the reference platform for scientific publications. The database was developed on the basis of six standardized bibliographic indexes and analyzing 22 disciplinary sectors in the period 1996/2019.​The result of the study, published in October in the Plos Biology Journal, is a general ranking of the most influential scientists in the world, but also a specific ranking for each subject area (subfield).

Top researchers of the Department in their area of reference are: 

  • Lorenzo Bruzzone and Farid Melgani in the Geological & Geomatics Engineering subfield; 
  • Nicu Sebe and Roberto Battiti in the Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing subfield; 
  • Andrea Massa and Gian Pietro Picco in the Network & Telecommunications subfield.

Prof. Lorenzo Bruzzone also stands out in the general ranking and grabs the fourth position among the Unitrento researchers. Even more relevant is the result obtained in the specific subfield where the researcher is considered as the 32nd most influential scientist worldwide.
This is further recognition for the scientific activity carried out by his research group, after the 19th position obtained worldwide in the field of remote sensing according to the Shanghai Global Ranking 2020.

This is an important result in addition to the one already obtained for teaching in the CENSIS 2020/2021 ranking which assessed DISI Undergraduate and Master's Degrees in Computer Science at the top in Italy.

Image ©UniTrento - credits: Alessio Coser

(*) The 15 DISI researchers included in the ranking are:
Lorenzo Bruzzone, Farid Melgani, Andrea Massa, Gian Pietro Picco, Nicu Sebe, Roberto Battiti,  Giacomo Oliveri, Alessandro Moschitti, Paolo Rocca, Massimo Donelli, Fabio Casati, Fabio Massacci, Fausto Giunchiglia, Alberto Montresor, Paolo Giorgini