Find out what is going on in Trento and in our partner universities.

ICM 2019

In the Framework of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, the 2019 project has been approved. We thank every partner involved for their cooperation and availability. The financed partner countries below:

- Albania
- Algeria
- Argentina
- Bangladesh
- Cambodia
- India
- Israel
- Japan
- Russian Federation
- Thailand
- Tunisia
- Ukraine
- Vietnam
UniTrento has been granted a total of 269 mobility divided betweeen 13 partner countries, 28 partner Universities will take part to this project allowing 156 incoming students to spend an average of 5 months at UniTrento.
UniTrento student mobiliy has not been envisaged by the project financing, however those mobility will be supported by UniTrento internal funds. 

Regarding staff mobility, 48 academic staff and 21 administrative staff are planned to come to our university while 37 outgoing academic staff and 7 administratives will be hosted by our partners. 

Call for nomination is open at your home university for incoming students from our partners. Please check your home institution mobility office to find out more about how to apply. 

Spring term nomination is now closed, a total of 26 incoming students will be hosted by our University for the upcoming months. Faculty mobility can take place freely in the period from now until the end of the project, based on the arrangements made between faculties of the partner universities and upon approval of the respective international offices. Nomination should preferably be given with a 3-months' notice to allow to organize mobility properly. We have already planned and implemented 11 staff mobility during the academic year 2019/2020.

International Partner Days event  and ICM Management session (pictures in the Gallery box)

UniTrento has hosted 8 administrative staff mobilities within the International partner days event in which partner have taken part to training sessions about the double and joint degree and exchange meetings about best practisies in managing ICM projects. The proceedings are available in the UniTrento ICM 2019 webpage and in the Drive shared folder of the project.
Thanks to all colleagues for their contribution to the event and to the enthusiastic participation.


ICM 2017 

The ER+ ICM 2017 project ended in July 2019. A total of 62 incoming mobility and 22 outgoing mobility have been implemented during the 18 months of overall project duration. Of the 47 total mobilities planned, 44 incoming students managed to spend an average of 5 months at UniTrento, either for research purposes or for course attendance. Student mobility was financed for incoming only. 

Both incoming and outgoing administrative and academic staff members completed their mobility at our partner universities, sharing their experience and working together in the framework of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility programme. Our final report has been successfully approved, we thank everyone involved. A list of our 2017 partners below:

- Asian University for Women
- Burapha University
- Carthage University
- Chonbuk National University
- Chulalongkorn University
- Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
- National Aerospace University Kharkiv Aviation Institute named by N Zukovskiy
- National University Corporation, Nagasaki University
- Truong Dai Hoc Bach Khoa Hanoi - Hanoi University of Science and Technology HUST
- Truong Dai Hoc Cong Nghe tp Hcm, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology
- University of Science and Technology of Hanoi, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
- Univerzitet U Novom Sadu Fakultet Tehnickih Nauka
- University of the Philippines System
- University of Sousse
- Universite de Tunis El Manar
- University of Tokyo

Find out more about their experience at the testimonials' web page (see the useful links box).

ICM 2018

Student mobility

In the Framework of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, the new mobility for the ongoing project have been successfully nominated. Find out more about deadlines and how to apply at your home institution on the ICM 2018 page.

Student mobility is opened to incoming only. 

For the Spring Semester 2020, the remaining 4 mobility are going to be carried out at UniTrento, from our partners in Ukraine (National Aerospace University “KhAI”) and Algeria (Annaba University).

Administrative and Academic staff mobility

During the Fall semester 2019, two academic staff mobility came to UniTrento from our partner university in Algeria (Annaba and Tlemcen). Moreover, one staff mobility from Ukraine (National Aerospace University) was implemented in occasion of the International Partner Days in October 2019.