Find out what is going on in Trento and in our partner universities.

ICM 2019

Student mobility

Call for nomination is open at your home university for incoming students from our partners in the Framework of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility. Please check your home institution mobility office to find out more about how to apply. 

As the Spring semester is about to begin, a total of 26 incoming students will be hosted by our University for the upcoming months. 

Administrative and Academic staff mobility

Faculty mobility can take place freely in the period from now until the end of the project, based on the arrangements made between faculties of the partner universities and upon approval of the respective international offices. Nomination should preferably be given with a 3-months' notice to allow to organize mobility properly.

As for the Spring semester, 6 new academic staff mobility have been planned coming from Haifa University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel; the North Caucasus Federal Unicersity in the Russian Federation; the Asian University for Women in Bangladesh and the Tokyo University in Japan. 

Outgoing mobility will involve two professors in the months of January and February going to the Royal university of Phnom Penh in Cambodia and Tokyo University in Japan to carry out teaching activities.  

International Partner Days event  and ICM Management session (pictures in the Gallery box)

In Ocotober 2019, UniTrento hosted 8 administrative staff mobilities within the International partner days event in which partner took part to training sessions about the double and joint degrees as well as exchange meetings about best practisies in managing ICM projects. The proceedings are available in the UniTrento ICM 2019 webpage and in the Drive shared folder of the project.
Thanks to all colleagues for their contribution to the event and to the enthusiastic participation.

ICM 2018

Student mobility

In the Framework of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, the new mobility for the ongoing project have been successfully nominated. Find out more about deadlines and how to apply at your home institution on the ICM 2018 page.

Student mobility is opened to incoming only. 

For the Spring Semester 2020, the remaining 4 mobility are going to be carried out at UniTrento, from our partners in Ukraine (National Aerospace University “KhAI”) and Algeria (Annaba University).

Administrative and Academic staff mobility

Throughout the Spring Semester 2020, two academic staff mobility and one administrative staff mobility will carry out teaching and training activities in our partner univeristies in Serbia and Algeria.

Moreover, incoming mobility is planned for the remaining 5 grants both for teaching and training activities. The departments involved belong to the Science and Technology and Social Sciences and Humanities Area. 

ICM 2020 

UniTrento successfully submitted the ER+ ICM 2020 project. A total of 308 mobility was requested in collaboration with 26 different partner institutions from 12 different countries. We thank everyone involved for their collaboration. Finger crossed as for the result!