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Current ER+ICM grantees

The Fall semester 2020/2021 officially began on Semptember 14th in a blended modality. Due to Covid emergency, ER+ICM grantees where not able to reach Trento on time so they began their mobility in the home Country with online classes and activities, planning the required three-month period at UniTrento within the Fall semester. UniTrento is assisting all students in the organization of the mandatory self-isolation period once in Trento. 

Please note that, in case it will not be possible to return to their home institutions, students will be granted an extension of their mobility according to the principle of “force majeur”.

In case of exeptional expenses due to interruption for “force majeur”, they may be reimbursed, if no other refund has been applied yet. Reimbursement will depend on reasonableness of the costs and available resources. Therefore, it is requested that each student in this situation submit proof of:

  • all travel expenses (airplane tickets, trains, etc.), housing rental deposits and/or travel tickets purchased and then not used due to trip cancellation.
  • official reimbursement requests sent to travel companies which have been rejected (i.e. the company refuses to reimburse you).

Please contact the reference Mobility Office for further information.

Students who are planning to arrive in Trento can meanwhile join our virtual activities and visiting ESN Trento here to be in touch with other ER+ grantees.

Future students

In the light of the current situation, for a full study abroad experience we invite students to postpone their Fall semester mobility to UniTrento to the Spring semester starting from February 2021.

Whether this would not be possible, please keep in mind that the majority of courses at UniTrento will be offered online or in a blended modality. Please check the specific department’s guidelines beforehand.

It remains to be seen whether certain national and international travel restrictions will still apply as a consequence of the ongoing COVID-19 emergency. Please keep checking our page for international students. For the mobility to be funded, the mobility needs to be planned with a period of activities in Trento for at least 3 months; with the rest of the mobility to be carried online. The grant will be paid only for the period in presence.

Please consider that a self-isolation period is deemed mandatory for incoming students coming from non-EU countries. UniTrento provides a limited number of apartments for students' bookings as well as a Verona airport incoming students pick up. For further information, please visit the incoming Covid-19 information webpage. The quarantine period is covered by the EU grant support. 

Please use the online application form for all nominations.

In any case, we recommend a thorough evaluation of the situation both at the international level and in the host country before planning your mobility.

Academic/Administrative Staff

Starting from the Fall Semester 2020, Staff mobility may be carried out either entirely in presence, entirely online or in a blended modality. The individual support will be paid only for those held in presence. Please contact the International Relations Division for further information.

UniTrento is organising a Partner Info Day on October 14th and 15th, 2020. The event will take place online via the platform Zoom. For further infromation, please visit the event page

ICM 2018

As the project was supposed to end in July 2020, a 1-year extension has been submitted to the European Commission and the new deadline will be July 31st 2021.

ICM 2020 NEW

Within the ER+ ICM 2020 project, 10 out of the 12 submitted have been selected for full or reduced financing: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, South Africa, Tunisia, Japan, Russian Federation, Bangladesh, India and Viet Nam. Only Brazil and Paraguay, despite the very good evaluation, have been rejected due to geographical balance but will anyway be included in the grant agreement for a "zero grant" cooperation.
We sincerely thank all our partners for their partnership and we are looking forward to starting this new collaboration.