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Mobility 2022/2023 Spring Semester

A warm Welcome to the ICM students coming from 6 Countries and from 11 different partner universities who just arrived in Trento, we wish you a fruitful experience in Italy! 

Future Students 

Nomination for Fall Semester and Full Year 2023/2024 within the ICM 2022 project is now open: 

Deadline on May 15th 2023


Academic Staff

For the beginning of the Spring Semester, UniTrento will welcome 11 academic staff for teaching/training activities. They come from 6 partner countries: University of Sarajevo (Bosnia-Erzegovina), Polytechnic University of Tirana (Albania), Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Vietnam), Stellenbosch University (South Africa), Tokyo University (Japan), University of Tunis El Manar (Tunisia). They will carried out their activities in the field of Humanities (Musicology), International Relations, Social Sciences (Social assistance), Environmental Sustainability, Economics and Finance and Cognitive Sciences and Human Language Technologies.

Moreover 14 professors from UniTrento have already planned they teaching activities for the current semester at the Tokyo and Nagasaki University (Japan),  University of Pristina (Kosovo), University of Sousse (Tunisia), Asian University for Women (Bangladesh), Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Vietnam), and Amrita University (India).

These mobility are a great value because the partnership strongly believes that staff mobility is a great opportunity to further strengthen the cooperation among partners and to enhance the quality and internationalisation of the academic offer.

Administrative Staff

The University of Trento has organised the next edition of the International Staff Week, a unique opportunity to build a strong ICM network in the beautiful Trentino landscape!

The International Staff Week will be held in Trento from 7 to 11 of May 2023 in a blended format. Online session on the 3rd and 4th of May 2023.
This event is aimed at creating network opportunities, sharing best practices and training our and your skills in a stimulating context. The programme includes workshops and sessions on innovative ways of learning and realizing international experiences: approaches to microcredentials, challenge-based learning case studies, sustainable and green mobility.

Please visit the event website for more info. 

UniTrento ICM Network Events

Next events

  • First ICM Students' Meeting: on the 16th of March at 6:30pm at the Department of Humanities - room 109 (Via Tommaso Gar, 14 Trento). The event is dedicated only to international students of the ER+ ICM project. Get to know the other participants, a further step towards building the UniTrento ICM Network and also learn some important administrative aspects of mobility. Participation is highly recommended! 
  • Stay tuned! We are planning more visits for you! 

UniTrento ICM Network

  • We kindly invite UniTrento ICM grantees and administrative and academic referent persons and staff to join our LinkedIn group UniTrento Er+ ICM Network to share opportunities and to stay up-to-date about current initiatives.

Past events

  • Administrative meeting: on the 25th and 28th of November two important informative meetings took place. It’s been great to meet you all in person and thank you for your participation! Please remember to communicate to the International Office any change on the departure date.

  • ERASMUS DAYS Back in October - Make your Mobility Green - Special welcome to International Students: the event took place on the 15th of October at the MUSE. The students have participated with enthusiasm and interest: they really seemed to have enjoyed the event! On this occasion UniTrento launched the new GREEN GUIDE, a booklet of tips useful to make the mobility experience greener. Visit the gallery to see some gorgeous pictures of the event.

About the project

ICM 2023

New proposal submitted. It includes 34 Partner Universities in 16 different Countries located in 7 Geographycal Areas. Fingers crossed to carry on the cooperation with all of them.

ICM 2022

We are implementing the programme after having received the first nominations. We are glad for having built a fruitful collaboration with our Partner Universities. 

ICM 2020

The ICM 2020 Programme is coming to his end. We can still accept nominations for staff mobility.

It is now time to share results, we encourage all partners to publish news, organise events, create posts on social media in order to give visibility to mobilities and results.

ICM 2019

The project closed on July 31st. 2022 and UniTrento. The project's webpage has been updated with the description of the results achieved and it is now available.

Know more about...

... our staff
Who: Mariette Raaijmakers and Redha Attoui
Home University: Department of Humanities, University of Trento
Period: 2022

Mariette de Vos Raaijmakers is a research coordinator professor at Deparment of Humanities at University of Trento, of University of Trento, she founded the Laboratory of Archeology and Related Sciences. In 2022 her and Barbara Maurina’s work has won the Prix Serge Lancel, attributed by the Institut of France.

The work Rus Africum IV. La fattoria Bizantina di Aïn Wassel (Alto Tell, Tunisia). Lo scavo stratigrafico e i materiali tells about Aïn Wassel which is still the only rural site of Proconsularis Africa that has been dug with stratigraphic method, published and contestualized thanks to the archaeological survey of the region. The excavations have allowed to make new discovers and to determine new knowledges of the Vandal and Byzantine period. 

The price is the result of the collaboration between University of Trento and Erasmus+ ICM project, partner universities from Tunisia and Algeria. 

The strong collaboration with professor Redha Attoui of the Univeristy of Annaba (Algeria) in this field, has also led to a very special event. Professor Redha Attoui has in fact been in charge of illustrating, the Basilica of Sant'Agostino and the museum of the archaeological area of Hippo, to the Italian President Sergio Mattarella, during his official visit of the Country.