Wednesday, 23 December 2020

What's new on UniTrento ER+ ICM

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Share an aperitif with us! - Virtual meeting for Unitrento ER+ ICM project participants 

Believing that building a link between all the students who have visited uniTrento as part of the ER + program and therefore have a common sensitivity, can be of great value, we have organized a virtual meeting for students participating in the 2017/2018/2019 projects and the students nominated for future semesters. We will have some fun together, students will have the chance to share their experience, find old friends and meet new ones so as to build a new UniTrento ICM contact network. 
We are looking forward to meeting you all on January 15th at 2 p.m. Rome time. For more information contac us.

New photo contest #scattaErasmus!

The Italian Erasmus + Indire Agency has launched the #scattaErasmus photo contest, aimed at the entire Erasmus community. The initiative is part of the opening of the new official Instagram profile of the Erasmus + Indire National Agency @Erasmus_Indire, responsible in Italy for the European Program for the areas of School, University and Adult Education.

If you are interested in participating please follow these steps:

Follow @Erasmus_Indire on Instagram
Select a photo of your Erasmus experience, adding a caption
Share the image on Instagram with the hashtag #scattaErasmus by January 15, 2021

Current ER+ICM grantees

The Fall semester 2020/2021 officially began on Semptember 14th in a blended modality. Due to Covid emergency, ER+ICM grantees where not able to reach Trento on time so they began their mobility in the home Country with online classes and activities, planning the required three-month period at UniTrento within the Fall semester. To date, 4 new students have arrived, for a total of 8 students of the project who are present in Trento.

Please note that, in case it will not be possible to return to their home institutions de to the Covid emergency, students will be granted an extension of their mobility according to the principle of “force majeur”.

In case of exeptional expenses due to withdrawal or interruption for “force majeur”, they may be reimbursed, if no other refund has been applied yet. Reimbursement will depend on reasonableness of the costs and available resources. Therefore, it is requested that each student in this situation submit proof of:

  • all travel expenses (airplane tickets, trains, etc.), insurance, housing rental deposits and/or travel tickets purchased and then not used due to trip cancellation.
  • official reimbursement requests sent to travel companies which have been rejected (i.e. the company refuses to reimburse you).

Please contact the reference Mobility Office for further information.
Given the uncertain situation, please do not bear expenses for your travel arrangements too early.

Students who are planning to arrive in Trento can meanwhile join our virtual activities and visiting ESN Trento here to be in touch with other ER+ grantees.

Useful information for already closed student mobility

Regarding the post-mobility required administrative documents, we kindly remind Partner Universities to provide UniTrento with a Transcript of Records in English, certifying the Credit Recogntion of the implemented student mobility.

Otherwise, a Declaration of Recognition can be found here or in the download box of the ER+ICM webpage. The document is to be filled by the Sending Institution after receiving the UniTrento Transcript of Record of the student mobility. 

Future students

In the light of the current situation, for a full study abroad experience we invite students to further postpone the mobility to UniTrento.

Whether this would not be possible, please keep in mind that, starting from November 6th, 2020, the new Italian Prime Minister's Decree (DPCM) has taken effect throughout Italy in order to help contain and reduce a recent surge in Coronavirus infections. As a results, all university classes and exams at UniTrento are now held completely on-line, with the exception of first year Bachelor's and Master's students which are in any case highly restricted. Please keep checking our page for international students for further information.

Mobility funding: for the mobility to be funded, it needs to be planned with a period of activities in Trento for at least 3 months; with the rest of the mobility to be carried online. The grant will be paid only for the period in presence.

Arrival: a 14-day self-isolation period is deemed mandatory for incoming students coming from non-EU countries. The quarantine period is covered by the EU grant support but cannot be spent in university housing and students must arrange and pay for their own quarantine lodging. UniTrento however, provides pick up service for those students arriving in Verona airport. It is therefore reccomended, in case no direct flight to this airport are available, to plan the international flight to Rome Fiumicino airport, from which two daily internal flights are available to Verona.  

In any case, we recommend a thorough evaluation of the situation before planning your mobility.

Students who are planning to arrive in Trento can meanwhile join our virtual activities and visiting ESN Trento here to be in touch with other ER+ grantees.

Academic/Administrative Staff

Starting from the Fall Semester 2020, Staff mobility may be carried out either entirely in presence, entirely online or in a blended modality. The individual support will be paid only for those held in presence. Please contact the International Relations Division for further information.

Partners' info day 2020
This semester, UniTrento organised a Partner Info Day on October 14th and 15th, 2020. The event took place online via the platform Zoom. For further infromation, please visit the event page

A total of of 27 partner universities participated, representing 13 countires (Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Japan, Kossovo, Russian Federation, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, Ukraine, Vietnam). 

Over the course of the two-day virual event, the state-of-the-art of the ER+ICM project and progress made were presented, participants engaged in workshop activities, best practices were shared in roundtables while reflecting on the outcomes and impacts of dissemination activities.

ICM 2018

As the project was supposed to end in July 2020, a 1-year extension has been submitted to the European Commission and the new deadline will be July 31st 2021.

ICM 2020

Within the ER+ ICM 2020 project, 10 out of the 12 submitted have been selected for full or reduced financing: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, South Africa, Tunisia, Japan, Russian Federation, Bangladesh, India and Viet Nam. Only Brazil and Paraguay, despite the very good evaluation, have been rejected due to geographical balance but will anyway be included in the grant agreement for a "zero grant" cooperation.

After the kick-off event, new partner university collaborations have signed the Inter-Institutional Agreements in order for the mobility to start.

In light of the current epidemiological situation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Italy, all mobilities regarding the ER+ICM 2020 project will be starting from the 2021/2022 academic year. We sincerely thank all our partners for their partnership and we are looking forward to starting this new collaboration.