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Mobility 2022/2023 Fall Semester/Full academic year

In the fall semester, 40 students (20 BAs, 14 MAs, 6 PhDs) from 14 partner Universities in 10 different Countries arrived in Trento for a semester/one year exchange period within ICM 2020 project. Lectures in UniTrento continue to be 100% face-to-face.

There will be two informative meetings for the students about administrative items important for their mobility. The events will take place on Friday 25th of November at the Polo Ferrari 1 - Povo (room A208) and on Monday 28th of November at the Department of Economics (room 2F), both at 12:30 am. Students participation is highly suggested. 

Future Students 

The nominations for the mobility for courses have closed on the 15th of october.  We received nominations for 32 students within the ICM 2020 programme and 3 within hte ICM 2022 one. They will arrive in Trento for the spring semester 2023 from 18 of our partner Universities located in 11 different Countries.

We informe partners univeristies that nominations are still possible with a three-months notice for PhDs and students coming to Trento for thesis research.


Academic Staff

For the new academic year the academic staff mobility has already begun with 3 mobility from the University of Carthage (Tunisia), the University of Tunis El Manar (Tunisia) and from the University of Hanoi (Vietnam). Also 5 nominations have already been done for a mobility in the semester from 2 of our partner Universities: University of Pristina (Kosovo), Amrita University-Coimbatore (India). Other opportunities will be open within this project until the end of July. 

Also UniTrento professor are visiting our partners this semester, one from the Department of Information Engeeniring and Computer Science visited the Nara Institute of Technology (Japan).and one visited the Polytechnic University of Tirana (Albania).

A great opportunity to further strengthen the cooperation with our partners!

Administrative Staff

We are planning the new edition of the International Staff Week, please keep checking the next news for further details. The next kick-off online meeting will take place by the end of November, invitation will be sent soon.

ER+ICM grantees' social events 

UniTrento ICM Network

  • We kindly invite UniTrento ICM grantees and administrative and academic referent persons and staff to join our LinkedIn group UniTrento Er+ ICM Network to share opportunities and to stay up-to-date about current initiatives. 
  • Italy for beginners. An introduction to Italian Culture (6 ECTS). From October 4th to November 24th 2022,  get acquainted with Italy from different perspectives!
  • Adminsitrative meeting for ICM students (please visit hte students' section above).

Past events

  • ERASMUS DAYS Back in October - Make your Mobility Green - Special welcome to International Students: the event took place on the 15th of October at the MUSE. The students have participated with enthusiasm and interest: they really seemed to have enjoyed the event! On this occasion UniTrento launched the new GREEN GUIDE, a booklet of tips useful to make the mobility experience greener. Visit the gallery to see some gorgeous picture of the event.
  • Participants' meeting: on July 22nd 2022 incoming students who were in UniTrento in the Spring Semester 2022 and future incoming students took part to a virtual aperitif having  the opportunity to exchange their experiences, cultural diversity and contacts thus contributing to build up the UniTrento Er+ ICM Network. Great opportunity to find buddies and better preparing the mobility experience for the newcomers. Thank you to the senior students for their help and advice.

About the project

ICM 2023

The call is going to be  published very soon and we are ready to contact our partenr to outline the new proposal.

ICM 2022

The project proposal submitted has received a good evaluation and has reached good scores for every Region nevertheless only 3 Countries have been funded for the 2022-2025 period: Neighbourhood East (Region 2), Ukraine; Asia (Region 5), Bangladesh and Russian Federation (Region 4).

ICM 2020

We are pleased to announce that the project is catching on and the grantees have started to carry out mobility, although given the pandemic we still have many grants available. We are confident that the full cooperation of our partners for the next calls will allow us to increase the number of mobility for current year.

It is now time to share results, we encourage all partners to publish news, organise events, create posts on social media in order to give visibility to mobilities and results.

ICM 2019

The project closed on  July 31st. 2022 and UniTrento, with the cooperation of all partner universities, has now submitted the final report. The project's webpage will soon be updated with the description of the results achieved.

Know more about...

... our staff

Who: Paolo Leoni, Technical Staff
Home University: Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Trento
Host University: Royal University of Phnom Penh - Cambogia 
Mobility Period: July 2022

A new experimental psychology laboratory for the Royal University of Phnom Penh - Cambodia   

I’m a technician of the experimental studies laboratories at the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Trento and I didn’t have many opportunities to travel for my job, so, when Prof. Remo Job proposed me to leave for the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) in Cambodia, I jumped at the opportunity.  

The goal was to set up, starting from scratch, an experimental psychology laboratory at the Psychology Department of the RUPP and to make teachers, technicians and students learn about its functioning and development over time. With the financing of the non-profit Marica De Vincenzi Foundation, it was possible to purchase a high-performance computer thanks to which it was possible to carry out four cognitive psychology experiments: Stroop Effect, Lexical Decision, Simon's Spatial Compatibility Task and Gaze Cue.

Upon our arrival we were captured by a new and different environment: the lush and fascinating nature, the very beautiful buildings alternated with dilapidated buildings, the city vibrated with great excitement and activity full of motorbikes, cars and tuk-tuks, all immersed in a hot and humid climate, completely different from that of Trentino.

At the Psychology Department of the RUPP campus we were welcomed by the Director Mr. Phan ChanPeou and by the professors Dr. Kao Savandara and Dr. Sareth Khann. Prof. Savandara took charge of deepening the technical aspects and while I was setting up the istruments for the lab, prof. Job introduced the students to the exchange program between the two universities and also introduced theoretical and empirical studies relating to the experiments made available.

Their passion for study and science overcame the obstacles dictated by a very essential and poorly equipped environment; being able to verify in practice and "touch" what until then had only been studied in books proved to be the key to the enthusiastic participation in the proposed laboratory activities. In a workshop, Prof. Job explored the theoretical aspects of the tasks implemented and I presented the technical and programming aspects. The students then alternated in carrying out two of the four experiments available with the recording of response times and accuracy. Finally, the pupils were asked to develop a study hypothesis on the mental representation of quantities that could give rise to an experiment that could be implemented on the computer.

The participation and commitment shown during the teaching activities were of a great level and quality, with numerous interventions and questions. The work week was intense but very rewarding. The warmth and gratitude that teachers and students showed us at the end of the experience, also through two baskets of Cambodian fruit, were for me the tangible sign that the initiative was useful and appreciated.