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Mobility 2023/2024 Fall Semester

In this fall semester, three students of the National Aerospace University of Kharkiv "KHAI" have extended their mobility in Trento for another semester within the ICM 2022 project.
We are happy to collaborate with our Ukrainian partner and to give these students the opportunity to live a peaceful period, far from the difficult situation in their home country. 
We wish you a fruitful experience in Trento!

Future Students 

Nomination within the ICM 2022 and ICM 2023 project for Spring Semester 2023/2024 are now closed.

13 students have been nominated for the Winter Schools: 10 for the 'DecolHeri - Decolonizing Cultural Heritage' (from 5 to 16 February 2024, on campus in Trento-I) and 3 fo the 'Philosophy and Civic Engagement in the Italian Traditions' (from 12 to 16 February 2024, on campus in Novacella Abbey-I)


Academic Staff

This semester we had the opportunity to host a professor coming from Bangladesh with the ICM 2022/2023 to carry out his activities in the field of Social Sciences. 

In the next weeks we will be gladly hosting academic staff from the ICM 2022/ICM2023 projects coming from Cambodia. 
They will carry out their activities in the field of Cognitive Science. 

These mobilities are of great value because they give an opportunity to further strengthen the cooperation between partners and to enhance the quality and internationalisation of the academic offer.

Administrative Staff

The University of Trento has  organised an outgoing mobility for training reserved to 8 International and Mobility Offices staff of UniTrento. 
This opportunity of job shadowing allowed an exchange of best practices while planning new collaborations with our partners. 

UniTrento ICM Network Events

Next events

  • Welcome week: the mobility office is holding the welcome activities for the incoming students. These activities will include: administrative sessions on courses, career management and intercultural activities which aim is making student bond together and integrate in our University.
  • Stay tuned! We are planning more events for you! 

UniTrento ICM Network

  • We kindly invite UniTrento ICM grantees and administrative and academic referent persons and staff to join our LinkedIn group UniTrento Er+ ICM Network to share opportunities and to stay up-to-date about current initiatives. 

Past events

  • Green Day: This event was a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness on the issue of sustainability. Our 30 international students participated in a green sport day organised by UniTrento. For more information visit our flyer and our gallery.
  • Staff Kick off Meeting: this event was held on the 12th of October 2023

About the project

ICM 2023

We are proud to announce that the mobility project Erasmus+ ICM 2023-2026 has been approved in all 7 regions that we collaborate with. 
The budget at our disposal amounts to € 1.139.495,00, and it is to be invested in the Western Balkans: Albania (Polytechnic University of Tirana, Elbasan University), Bosnia-Herzegovina (University of Sarajevo) and Kosovo (University of Pristina), in the Neighbourhood East: Ukraine (National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", Lviv University), in the South Mediterranean Countries: Algeria (Université Abou Bekr Belkaid de Tlemcen, University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene, University of Batna 2, Université de Annaba), Israele (Haifa University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University), Tunisia (University of Tunis El Manar, University of Sousse, University of Carthage), in Asia: Bangladesh (Asian University for Women), Cambodia (Royal University of Phnom Penh), India (Amrita University), Japan (Tokyo University, Nara Institute of Technology, Nagasaki University ), Thailand (Chulalongkorn University), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, USTH - VAST, HUST, Hanoi University, Duy Tan University), in the Pacific area: Australia (Macquarie University, University of Melbourne, Southern Queensland), in the Sub-Saharan Africa: South Africa (Stellenbosch University) and in Latin America: Argentina (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo).

ICM 2022

The ICM 2022 project is ongoing. We are glad for having built a fruitful collaboration with our Partner Universities. 
The nominations are now open. 

ICM 2020

The ICM 2020 project is closed. 
We are proud to have succeeded in carrying out this mobility experience that involved 175 people: 89 students and 86 staff members. 
Despite the difficult period caused by the pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian-conflict, we were able to use 90% of our budget, reporting the full satisfaction of our participants. Project's results will be soon available in the project's webpage

ICM 2019

The project came to an end on July 31st 2022. 
The final report has been approved with a rating of 94/100. 
For more information visit the project's flyer and our dedicated webpage. 

Know more about...

..our incoming students
Who: Sara Tiro 
Home University: University of Prishtina, Kosovo
Period: 2023

When I think of the Erasmus exchange, I think of richness. Richness of spirit, pushing one's own boundaries, experiencing new cultures, and of course, all the challenges that come with moving, finding accommodation, dealing with administration. But all of that is part of the beauty of the process.

As a first-year Master's student, I have decided to go to the University of Trento for the spring semester of 2023. When we think of Italy, the one from the movies, perhaps a somewhat commercialized image of the country, we think of Sicily, Milan, Naples. But there is a charming city among the Dolomites called Trento, offering extraordinary beauty. From mountains and vineyards to medieval castles, an unusual cuisine with Austrian influences because it is located in the northern part of Italy, and numerous lakes. The University of Trento is modern. While studying a combination of subjects from two fields, Innovation and International Management, we had assignments such as recording podcasts, giving Pecha Kucha presentations, and writing letters to CEOs of different companies. Through practical work, we learn faster and better, and consequently, you want to learn, listen to those lectures, and dedicate yourself to it with ease. Trento is wonderfully located, in the north of Italy, an hour away from Verona. All the cities are perfectly connected by trains, and flights are affordable, making travel easy. During the semester, I visited 15 beautiful Italian cities, talked to locals, learned from other cultures, got to know myself and my habits, broadened my horizons, and realized that life is too short to hesitate about going on an Erasmus exchange. All the uncertainties can be overcome, we have all faced obstacles at some point in our procedures within the system, and throughout this journey, you have an entire staff from the Host University who help you in this process, so you are never alone. Therefore, don't worry, be bold, take risks, because fortune favours the brave and daring!