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Cancer research, the guardian of the genome has a new ally A study by the University of Trento identified a protein that, like a switch, controls the onset of cell death processes
Dinner with Neanderthals A study that involved the University of Trento whose results were published today in Science reassesses the intellectual capabilities of Neanderthals
Quarantine Radio is about to go on air for the international student community of UniTrento Launched by Opera Universitaria and Sanbaradio with Associazione Teatrale Studentesca (ATU), Centro Musica and Cooperativa Mercurio
Let's support our hospitals The campaign launched by the student community of UniTrento received plenty of donations
Four initiatives to help single individuals and families during this isolation period Remote activities designed by the team of psychology and psychotherapy of ODFLab
Covid-19, a prominent role for UniTrento in ultrasound diagnosis The techniques proposed by the University acknowledged as scientifically valid