Thursday, 30 November 2023

Develop a concept for a climate neutral campus in the context of ECIU University

Deadline on January 14th, 2024.

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The strategic challenge involves writing a master’s thesis with respect to a workload of about 900 hours (or about 30 ECTS). Timescale, examination and grading are conducted according to home university guidelines and regulations. The challenge is structured in online sessions and one meeting in presence (with financial support) and includes team and individual work.

NB: Prerequisite to access the selection is to obtain the approval of the thesis supervisor (academic advisor) who will assist you in the development and drafting process.

The application is open to all UniTrento Master’s students and the deadline is on January 14th, 2024.

According to ECIU University’s Challenge-Based -Learning (CBL) framework, the strategic challenge includes three phases:

  • Phase of engagement: Students from 13 different European universities enter the challenge team, narrow down the topic, develop essential questions, and define their precise team challenge. Alongside the actionable team challenge the students develop their individual Master’s thesis topics.
  • Phase of investigation: Research and activities are done to define a solution to the challenge. Though each student works towards his or her own Master’s thesis ways of collaboration within the challenge team will be created in this phase.
  • Phase of action: Solutions are prepared and Master’s theses are written. The challenge team opens the findings for society (includes implementation / delivering a product).

Continual reflection, documentation will accompany all three phases as well as pursuing opportunities to share with the wider community.

What are the areas of interest?
Climate Change, Energy Production, Energy Resources, Environment, Environmental Conflict, Human Capital, Immigration, Local Community, Local Development, Rural Development, Social Innovation, Social Sciences, Sociology, Sustainable Development, Urban Sociology.

I want to apply!
To apply, you must apply by January 14, 2024 through the platform.

Check the website of the challenge: 

For further information: international [at]

Per maggiori informazioni: international [at]

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