Friday, 8 March 2024

Calls within Italian-French cooperation

Scholarships award for study and research

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The following calls are open for the assignment of scholarships and research in the field of Italian-French cooperation:

Cassini Call, deadline 31 March 2024
Aimed at: professors, researchers and PhD students, for the financing of scientific events aimed at creating or developing scientific relationships with French universities and research centers.

Call for Grants by the French Government, deadline 22 April 2024
Addressed to:
- PhD students (in 2024-2025) interested in a three-month research stay in France
- students interested in a double Italian-French master's degree
- students interested in an Erasmus Mundus master's degree involving an Italian university and a French university, for the awarding of scholarships for a study stay (1 semester) or research stay (3 months) in France.

France Excellence Call, deadline 29 March 2024
Aimed at: students applying for a master's degree in France in 2024-2025, for the assignment of 1-2 year scholarships, for enrolling and obtaining a master's degree in France.

The in-depth information sheets, with links to the individual tenders and contacts, are available in the download section.