Tuesday, 24 September 2019

ASEA UNINET Students Week 2019

Universitas Indonesia, 18-31 August 2019

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Six students from the University of Trento have recently took part to the the ASEA-UNINET SW 2019, a two-week mobility programme reserved to graduate students from the partner universities of the network.

Specifically, Matteo Sciubba (Dept. of Humanities), Elia Vincenzi (Dept. of Mathematics), Francesca Fontanella (Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering), Giacomo Casadei (Dept. of Economics and Management), Alberto Gloder and Ivan Giaccaglia (both from the Dept. of Psychology and Cognitive Science) were selected.

The theme of this year's project and the main objective of ASEA UNINET is sustainable development: in fact, participants were encouraged to increase their awareness of a global issue, the importance of sustainability, and the challenges faced by the modern society.

During the students week participants attended lectures with a multidisciplinary approach and had the opportunity to take part to group discussions and seminars on Indonesian culture.

Moreover, a field study was carried out, thanks to cultural visits in the surrounding areas.

Finally, the programme concluded with some proposals on sustainable development presented by students, among which the winner project was the one presented by Alberto Gloder concerning an App for sharing-food.

At the end of this experience some tips were shared by our students from the University of Trento:

“In the evening leaving the majestic charm of the university, the clash with reality was inevitable. Outside, real poverty exploded (...) - Matteo, think slowly! - This was the only advice I was given when I was saddened by poverty. This is the advice that I can bring back to Italy and to students who are overwhelmed by commitments and deadlines: think slowly, always think and never stop doing it”.

"The advice that each of us feels to give you is. dare to do it! Don't let the 24 hours of travel stop you, do not be intimidated by local customs, give your best without fear”.

©photo: with kind permission from Universitas Indonesia