Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Coronavirus Emergency: Information for International Students in Trento

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Please read the frequently updated information below very carefully and refer to the attached documents.

In addition, see these specific indications for international students at the University of Trento:  

Students wanting to go back to their home country or students called back by their home university:

Inform your mobility office immediately:

  • Science and Technology mobility-st [at] unitn.it
  • Social Sciences and Humanities: mobility-ssh [at] unitn.it
  • Cognitive Science: mobility-cs [at] unitn.it

Include in the same e-mail your request to cancel your accommodation contract (if you are staying in Opera Universitaria dormitories).

Carefully check travel restrictions and border closures before you buy any travel tickets;
Verify that all trains, buses and flights that you may use to travel are confirmed;
Verify with your home university that they will accept the e-learning and distance exam taking options that will be offered to you by the University of Trento in order to earn the credits included in your study plan.

Students wanting to stay at UniTrento:

All classes are suspended until April 13th 2020. Classes will be available online.

Should you need to change your Learning Agreement, send us any change request forms even if they are not signed by your university and we’ll insert the courses in order to allow you to access the online platforms.

In case of mobility related problems or other problems (health, services, general info) contact your Mobility Office:

  • Science and Technology: mobility-st [at] unitn.it
  • Social Sciences and Humanities: mobility-ssh [at] unitn.it
  • Cognitive Science: mobility-cs [at] unitn.it

Call 1500 or 800867388 (toll free numbers) if you have a temperature, cough or if you have just returned from affected areas.

Updated on April 7th 2020

Please see the updated FAQ sheet in the Download Box on this page for information about new measures related to the Coronavirus emergency. 

Updated on April 6th 2020

New Ordinance form the Governor of the Province of Trento:

Starting on Tuesday, April 7th everyone is required to wear a mask and gloves when using public transportation and when entering all supermarkets, pharmacies and other businesses. Masks and gloves are currently being delivered and will be available to the public at pharmacies and supermarkets.

Please see the official press release in English from the Province of Trento for more details. 

In addition, all bike paths, walking trails, parks and playgrounds within the Province of Trento are closed to the public. Public benches should be used by only one person at a time. All supermarkets are closed on Sundays and holidays.  

All of these measures are extended until April 13th.

Updated on April 2nd 2020

The Italian government has recently extended restrictions related to the COVID-19 emergency until April 13th. For more important details see the UniTrento Coronavirus webpage. 

The required self-declaration form in English is available in the Download Box on this page. 

Updated on March 28th 2020

The Italian government has recently updated measures which apply to Italian nationals returning to Italy and to foreigners currently in Italy. For more important details please see the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Updated on March 26th 2020

Are you looking for updated information and also some entertainment during these days at home? Then listen to QUARANTINE RADIO! This initiative by Sanba Radio and Opera Universitaria goes on the air Friday, March 27th. For details about how to tune in visit the Quarantine Radio website.

Updated on March 22nd 2020

According to new measures implemented by the Italian government, all travel between cities and towns is strictly prohibited. All outdoor activities are also prohibited. You may leave briefly only to go to the supermarket or the pharmacy. Otherwise everyone is required to stay inside their home.

Updated on March 21st 2020

Counseling Service:
For any student who would like to contact us during these difficult times, the Counseling Center is available by appointment via Skype or through other similar means of communication to give advice and support. Generally there are 1 or 2 appointments per student lasting about 20 minutes each.To make an appointment send an e-mail to: consulenzapiscologica.studenti [at] unitn.it
E-mails are read daily and you will be contacted about your appointment. 
Students can also call 0461.808.116 Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:00

We hope this stressful situation passes and returns to normal as soon as possible. 

Updated on March 20th 2020

For more information about the situation in the Trentino Province please visit the page though the Useful Links Box and download the app.

If you choose to leave please check the transport measures implemented by each Country (see the Useful Links Box)

Updated on March 13th 2020

The Italian government has recently issued new and more severe restrictions regarding movement with heavy fines for infractions. Please stay in your dormitory or apartment and only leave briefly if absolutely necessary, for example to go to the supermarket or pharmacy only in your neighborhood.