Thursday, 2 July 2020

Surveys within the project SIEM (Social Inclusion and Engagement in Mobility)

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ESN proposes two surveys within the SIEM (Social Inclusion and Engagement in Mobility) project.  
The aim of the project is to collect data about social inclusion within mobility experiences, to analyze the obstacles to mobility, and to find solutions in order to guarantee the complete participation of students from different social backgrounds.
 The survey is available at the project page in two different versions according profile:

1. One for students (both mobile and non-mobile students), focusing on different parameters:
• Education Background
• Mobility Experience
• Mobility Support
• Barriers to Mobility
• Enablers of Mobility
• Graduate Experience (if any)
• Personal Characteristics 
2. One for University staff members (IRO, student support services, professors), aimed at:
• Understanding how mobility programmes are organised across Europe
• Understanding how students are supported to access mobility programmes
• Mapping different stakeholders involved in supporting a mobility experience for students

For further information on the survey or the project, please contact contact [at]