Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Notice of online by-election of a student representative on the LM Data Science Course of Studies Council

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To the students of the Master's Degree Course in Data Science,

We hereby inform you of the result of the by-election held on 1 March 2023, for the appointment of a student representative to the Data Science Master's Degree Course Council, for the three-year academic period 2022/2025.

Newly elected is Dr Jana Wicklein

The voting affluence and the distribution of votes are shown below.

Voting affluence:
Total number of voters: 89
Total number of voters who voted: 41
Number of blank ballot papers: 0
Total number of voters who did not vote: 48
Total voter turnout: 46.07 %.

Distribution of votes:
Wicklein Jana (Votes 17)
Dall'acqua Maja (Votes 13)
Madama Alice (Votes 9)
Moro Stefano (Votes 2)