Tuesday, 10 November 2020

COVID-19 inter-departmental Research Projects

Projects coordinated by SIS Faculty members

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The Academic Senate of the University of Trento has approved all the research project proposals presented under the University COVID-19 Call and coordinated by professors belonging to the SIS Faculty:

  • Mauro Caselli, who from SIS also involves Matteo Borzaga and Andrea Fracasso: “Automation in times of Pandemics: Risks and Opportunities”.
  • Sofia Graziani, who also involves Pejman Abdolhammadi, Andrea Fracasso, Paolo Rosa from the SIS: "The Belt and Road Initiative and the impact of Covid-19 on China's international projection".
  • Michele Nicoletti, who also involves Giuseppe Nesi and Carlo Ruzza from the SIS: "Human rights in times of health emergency"
  • Marco Pertile, who also involves Giuseppe Nesi and Louisa Parks from SIS: “OMS_Covid. The World Health Organization in the Covid-19 emergency: functions, limits and impact on the territory ".

The aim of these projects is to create research groups (inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental) that develop new research areas, strengthening collaboration within the University.
Other SSI colleagues and colleagues are members of projects coordinated by PIs belonging to other Departments / Centers.
Congratulations to all the colleagues involved, first of all to the scientific coordinators of the four projects.