Monday, 27 March 2023

CubeSat Summer School - ESA Academy

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ESA’s Education Office is developing a new multi-week training opportunity: the CubeSat Summer School 2024. In the frame of ESA Academy’s Training Programme, this Summer School is designed for university students with either engineering, physics or business administration backgrounds who are highly motivated to participate in a CubeSat project or pursue a career in the space sector, but currently lack knowledge or experience within this area. The Summer School will run for four weeks from 5 to 30 August 2024 at ESEC-Galaxia (Transinne, Belgium).

In the frame of ESA Agenda 2025, and Space for Education 2023 the Summer School aims to transfer a set of multidisciplinary space-related skills and know-how to participating students, complementing their academic studies and helping prepare them to meet the employability demands of the European space sector.

During the four weeks, ESA and external experts will deliver an extensive mix of lectures and hands-on activities. Students will:

  • Learn about the entire project lifecycle of a satellite mission, from design to verification, and onto launch and operations, including typical milestone reviews, new methodologies, and project management best practices.
  • Identify economic, legal, and regulatory conditions relevant to space projects, and how they should be considered when undertaking a CubeSat project.
  • Visualise the paths available to turn a CubeSat project into a viable business opportunity, identifying the skills needed to become a successful space entrepreneur.
  • Become familiar with the engineering and project management standards applied in the European space sector.
  • Develop a good understanding of the resources and multidisciplinary skills required to undertake a space project, and understand the interdependencies of the various disciplines.

All useful information on the programme will be available on its website.

Please find the relevant application information on the following website.

Deadline for registration: April 15, 2024