Monday, 27 March 2023

Spacecraft Testing Workshop - ESA Academy 

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Immerse yourself in the intricacies of spacecraft testing with the Spacecraft Testing Workshop, a remarkable opportunity tailored for university students with backgrounds in engineering and science. Led by European Space Agency experts, this workshop offers an unparalleled insight into the meticulous processes ensuring satellite functionality in space.

Throughout the workshop, selected students will engage in lectures delivered by ESA experts covering diverse topics, including product assurance, systems engineering, and essential environmental testing methods applied to spacecraft.

The highlights of the workshop are the hands-on activities. Participants will have the extraordinary chance to apply their newfound theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. At the CubeSat Support Facility, students will conduct a genuine hardware environmental test utilizing a specially designed educational test unit facilitated by the ESA Education Office.

In the group project phase, students will collaborate in teams to orchestrate a comprehensive environmental test campaign, encompassing vibration or thermal vacuum testing. From defining test requirements to assembling and testing dummy hardware, participants will undergo a transformative hands-on experience, familiarizing themselves with industry-standard approaches for spacecraft validation and verification.

As the workshop culminates, each group will present their findings to a panel of ESA experts, thus bringing them closer to their future endeavours in the space industry. Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to deepen your understanding of spacecraft testing and forge connections with leading figures in the field.

All useful information on the programme will be available on its website.

Deadline for registration: April 2, 2024