Monday, 27 March 2023

Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop - ESA Academy

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Earth observation is more than ever a hot topic in the space sector. ESA remains at the heart of this domain, with keystone projects such as the Sentinel missions, but also developing new projects and all the while constantly strengthening its expertise in remote sensing. The applications for remote sensing data are nowadays of utmost importance, being used to prevent flooding, and forest fires, optimize agriculture and monitor the weather, vegetation as well and urban development. They help us to better understand our Earth and its evolution.

ESA's Education Office is proud to offer university students the opportunity to participate in the Earth Observation Remote Sensing Workshop 2024. The participants will have the chance to learn from trainers having cutting-edge expertise in this field, and to apply their knowledge during exercises involving actual large databases and Earth Observation tools they will be introduced to. Students will get familiar with topics such as optical, thermal infrared and radar remote sensing, and technologies such as synthetic aperture radar and data fusion, among others.

All useful information on the programme will be available on its website.

Deadline for registration: April 29, 2024