Monday, 27 March 2023

Navigation Training Course - ESA Academy

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The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is of major importance not only for ESA, who has pioneered its introduction in Europe since the 90s, but for all European citizens and industry in many areas since it plays an essential role in our economy and daily lives. Using indoor or outdoor navigation, applications related to GNSS mainly focus on determining the global reference system position at any time around the globe in a fast, simple, and cost-effective way. Developing GNSS is fundamental since it has a sensitive and strategic nature. Its development is subjected to technological changes, political decisions, and market expectations. Satellite navigation has also evolved into the largest downstream market of space applications.

University students will be provided with an introduction and overview of Satellite Navigation with a specific focus on Galileo. Designed by ESA experts who developed the Galileo Space and Ground Segments, this training course will provide students with fundamental knowledge of Galileo’s architecture, tools, services, and functionalities. The training course will include lectures and hands-on practical group exercises together with a tour of key Galileo in-orbit test facilities in ESEC which provide an essential part of the current Galileo Ground Segment. 

All useful information on the programme will be available on its website.

Deadline for registration: April 29, 2024