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CIMeC Master's Open Day

Master's program in Cognitive Science
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21 febbraio 2024
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CIMeC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences
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Prof. Scott Laurence Fairhall
The Open Day is dedicated to prospective MSc students from UniTrento and other universities in Italy and abroad, interested in getting firsthand information about the CIMeC Master's program in Cognitive Science.
During the meeting, students will have the opportunity to learn about CIMeC and its laboratories, to attend presentations of the Masters, the three tracks and the procedures and requirements of admission. If interested, please register, registration is necessary in order to receive the link to attend.
Registration for online attendance at http://tinyurl.com/2s4bsbaw
Registration deadline: February 21, 2024


10.00-10.10    Presentation of CIMeC
                       prof. Yuri Bozzi, Director, CIMeC
10.10-10.30    Presentation of the Master’s course in Cognitive Science & Cognitive Neuroscience track      (CN) 
                        prof. Scott Fairhall, CIMeC 
10.30-10.40    Presentation of the Computational and theoretical modelling of Language and Cognition track (CLC)
                       prof. Roberto Zamparelli, CIMeC
10.40-10.50    Presentation of the Fundamental Behavioural Neuroscience track (FBN)
                       dott. Uwe Mayer, CIMeC
10.50-11.15    Q&A