Implementing an Open-everything Policy in the Lab

Open Science Seminars

July 19th, 2018
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Time: 4 p.m.
Venue: CIMeC - Centre for Mind/Brain Sciences - Via delle Regole n. 101, Mattarello - Basement conference room


  • Prof. Davide Crepaldi, SISSA International School for Advanced Studies - Trieste, Italy


  • Implementing an open-everything policy in the lab

Promoting a better science isn’t about fixing a few things in our usual research routine. In order to effectively share data and analysis codes, keep ourselves clear of bad practices and, more generally, carry out research more rigorously and transparently, we need to set up an appropriate pipeline from day 1, which guides us towards meeting all the requirements for a healthy science, gently and naturally. Even more importantly, we have to convince everyone in our labs to follow this pipeline—which can be surprisingly difficult, even with the best and more open-science prone students and postdocs.

In this talk, I’ll share my personal experience in this respect—how this pipeline looks like in our lab, what is working smoothly and what is not, what are the advantages of having such a pipeline, and what are the biggest hurdles that we're facing in sticking to it.


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