Announcement of CAOs 2019

The 13rd Edition
2 maggio 2019
3 maggio 2019
4 maggio 2019
May 2 - 4, 2019
Venue: Palazzo Piomarta, Corso Bettini, 84 – Rovereto, Italy

Rovereto Workshop on
Concepts, Actions, and Objects: Functional and Neural Perspectives
Spotlight Topic for 2019: Event Cognition

The goal of this Rovereto workshop is to provide a unique forum for researchers from a range of perspectives who are interested in Concepts, Actions, and Objects to come together to discuss their research and develop new directions and collaborations.
The workshop differs from larger conferences in so far as there are a small number of speakers (all invited) and there are no concurrent talks. In addition to the individual talks, there will be a poster session for students, post-docs and young researchers to present their work.
The workshop, organized by the Center for Mind/Brain Sciences ( will start on Thursday (May 2) with a welcome reception at 6 pm, and end on Saturday (May 4) at 6 pm.
Social dinner of the event will be on Saturday (May 4) at 8 pm.
This year, the workshop includes a thematic symposium on “Event Cognition: Psychological, Neuroscientific, Computational, and Linguistic Perspectives”, organized by Sharon Thompson-Schill and Anna Papafragou. Theme speakers are Janice Chen, Gergely Csibra, Anna Papafragou, and Charan Ranganath.
Further information about workshop, registration, fees and poster session participation will be available in January on the event website (see homepage of CIMeC).
Poster deadline: March 18, 2019

Invited Speakers

Morgan Barense, University of Toronto, Canada
Janice Chen, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Bevil Conway, The National Institute of Mental Health, USA
Gergely Csibra, Central European University, Hungary
Anna Papafragou, University of Delaware, USA
Charan Ranganath, UC Davis, USA
Ivan Toni, Radboud University, The Netherlands

Scientific Organizers

Alfonso Caramazza, University of Trento, Italy; Harvard University, USA 
Melvyn Goodale, University of Western Ontario, Canada 
Brad Mahon, University of Rochester, USA 
Alex Martin, The National Institute of Mental Health, USA 
Marius Peelen, Radboud University, The Netherlands
Sharon Thompson-Schill, University of Pennsylvania, USA