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Resilience in the Post-COVID-19 World Disorder

Cattedre Jean Monnet “The European Union and the Western Balkans: Enlargement and Resilience” e “Politics Without a Centre”
9 giugno 2022
10 giugno 2022
11 giugno 2022
Palazzo di Sociologia - Via Verdi 26, Trento
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Centro Jean Monnet e Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale
Comunità universitaria
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8 giugno 2022, 12:00
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9 June 2022

15.00–15.15    Welcome and Introduction

  • Roberto Belloni, University of Trento
  • Vincent Della Sala, University of Trento

15.15 -16.45    Resilience as an analytical and conceptual tool

  • David Chandler, University of Westminster - Thought’s Journey to the End of the World
  • Jonathan Joseph, University of Bristol and Prof. Luca Mavelli, University of Kent - COVID-19, resilience and the limits of governance from a distance
  • Eugenio Cusumano, University of Leiden - Bridging Concept or Conceptual Stretch? The Constructive Ambiguity of Resilience

16.45-17.15    Coffee break

17.15-19.00     The EU and Resilience

  • Kateryna Pishchikova, Università eCampus - Rethinking Resilience Inside-out and Bottom Up: Grassroots resilience in the Eastern Partnership
  • Styliani Ladi, Queen Mary University of London - Crisis and Resilience: Lesson Drawing from the Eurozone and Covid-19 Crises
  • Alina Felder, University of  Bamberg, and Nils Stockmann, Universität Münster - Is Resilience the New Competitiveness? How the pandemic awakened dormant norm collisions in EU sectoral policies

20.00    Dinner

10 June 2022

9.00–10.45    Resilience and public policy

  • Francesca Frassineti, University of Bologna and dott.ssa Giulia Sciorati, ISPI - By Hook or by Crook: Dimensions of “Moral Performance” in China and South Korea’s Fight Against Covid
  • Jouni Kekäle, University of Eastern Finland and Romulo Pinheiro, University of Agder - The ever-increasing expectation on social impact - Resilient responses by some leading professors?
  • Maria Laura Frigotto, University of Trento, Mitchell Young, Charles University, and Romulo Pinheiro - Unpacking the regulative dimension of social behavior: A preliminary inquiry on the interplay between rules, time, and resilience

10.45-11.15 – Coffee Break

11.15 -12.30 – Resilience and Institutions

Francesca Cerutti. University of Milano - The Dark Side of Institutional Cooperation: Resilience and decline

Brian Nussbaum, State University of New York at Albany - What is Resilience in the Smart City? Understanding Cyber Risk Management in the Computerized Urban Environment

12.30-14.00    Lunch 

14.00–15.00    Concluding Discussion and Next steps

19.30    Dinner

11 June 2022

9.00–11.00    Closed meeting to discuss research collaboration (Centro Jean Monnet)