National Narratives And The European Union: Towards Union Or Disunion?

30 settembre - 1 ottobre 2016
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Venue: Meeting room, 2nd floor, Department of Sociology and Social Research, via Verdi 26, Trento
30 September, 9.00–18.00
1 October, 9.00-13.00

This conference focuses on post-crisis narratives in the context of the traditional European narratives and how they have developed in recent decades. The conference examines the national narratives used to explain and justify EU membership across a representative sample of member states. Specifically, it explores how these narratives link national identity with ‘Europe’, how they conceptualise identity, and how they portray the European Union as a political organization. In investigating the content of national narratives, it pays particular attention to the impact of recent crises.


  • Ian Manners - Denmark
  • Jesper Dahl Kelstrup – Denmark
  • Attila Agh - Hungary
  • Olivier Rozenberg - France
  • Willie Paterson - Germany
  • Calliope Spanou - Greece
  • Brigid Laffan - Ireland
  • Graeme Crouch - Firenze
  • Vince Della Sala - Italy
  • Ramūnas Vilpišauskas - Lithuania
  • Adriaan Schout - Netherlands
  • Leszek Jesień - Poland
  • Ignacio Molina - Spain
  • Hussein Kassim - UK

Progect coordinators: Adriaan Schout e Hussein Kassim


Jean Monnet  European Centre | University of Trento        Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union