Academic Freedom in the Post-Socialist and the Post-Soviet Area

Organized within Modul Jean Monnet ESAF - European Societies and Academic Freedom: Patterns, Problems, Solutions
26 ottobre 2023
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Palazzo di Giurisprudenza - Via Verdi 53, Trento
Room 3
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Centro Jean Monnet con il Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale
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Ester Gallo


  • Arianna Angeli, University of Milano

Academic freedom is a core value that ensures the well-functioning of higher-education institutions. It can be analysed with reference to three main dimensions: freedom for teachers, freedom for students, and university autonomy. This lecture is intended to provide basic notions on the state of play of academic freedom in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing in particular on countries that in these last years have experienced constitutional retrogressions, namely Poland and Hungary.


  • Alessandra Russo, University of Trento

Universities as sites of diplomacy and foreign policy making: changing conditions of research expeditions, academic mobilities and scientific partnerships after February 2022
Entanglements between international politics, (cultural and science) diplomacy and the internationalization of higher education are not new. This presentation will particularly focus on how these phenomena unfolds in Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus and Central Asia, trying to tease out the impact on the war in Ukraine on such a complex landscape.



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