Tracing the origin and authenticity of food products

Lecture of the EU-FLAG Module Jean Monnet Course Food Law and Globalization
11 marzo 2021
11 March 2021

H: 17-19

The event will take place on-line through the Zoom platform.

To get the access code please contact Dr. Matteo Ferrari ( [at]


  • Prof.ssa Federica Camin, Università di Trento

The EU-FLAG (Food Law And Globalization) Jean Monnet module aims at developing a better understanding of European food law and how it interacts with the dynamics characterizing international markets, exploring the dialogic relationship existing between the rules of the agri-food sector and globalization.

Prof.ssa F. Camin will present the methods, techniques and tools that can be used to guarantee analytical traceability in the agri-food chain, with particular regard to the product origin and product authenticity.