Addressing Water Challenges in a Globalized World

From the World Water Development Reports to the Sustainable Development Goal n.6 on Water

27 maggio 2016
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Mesiano, Room 2R – 11.00-13.00 


Stefan Uhlenbrook, Prof. Dr., Coordinator of the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) and Director of the Programme Office on Global Water Assessment

Professor Uhlenbrook will briefly demonstrate why the water crisis is a global concern throughout all levels and sections of society. Then, he will introduce the work of the United Nations World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP) a UNESCO Programme that was founded in 2000 and is hosted in Perugia, Italy since 2009. WWAP assesses and reports on the state, use and management of freshwater resources worldwide. It seeks to equip water managers and key decision-makers with the information, data, tools and skills necessary to effectively participate in the development of relevant policies. There in publishes annually the World Water Development Report (WWDR, a UN-Water report), which is the flagship report of the UN System on freshwater. The main results of the new WWDR on Water and Jobs will be summarised, and the paramount role of water for sustainable development and job creation will be shown. Finally, the critical importance of water for the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development will be illustrated.

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The seminar will be followed by talks presenting research and educational activities relevant for water and development carried out by the Department of Civil Environmental and Mechanical Engineering (DICAM), by the UNESCO Chair and by local and international actors in the Trento Province, with the participation of Dr. Angela Ortigara, Programme Officer of World Water Assessment Programme



Stefan Uhlenbrook, Prof. PhD, is the coordinator of the UN World Water Assessment Programme UNESCO and the Director of the Programme Office on Global Water Assessment in Perugia, Italy. His main expertise includes water assessments, hydrological process research, river basin modeling and water resources management. Many of his research and development projects have identified the impact of global changes on water cycle dynamics in different hydro-climate regions in Africa and Asia

Angela Renata Cordeiro Ortigara, PhD, is currently working as a Project Officer at the UN World Water Assessment Programme, where she is responsible for the Capacity Development Workshop on Water and Sustainable Development. Her scientific expertise is in water and wastewater management, and she has extensive professional experience in analyzing the linkages between water and sustainable development issues.

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