GEOframe NewAGE Winter school

Winter school
8 gennaio 2019
9 gennaio 2019
10 gennaio 2019
11 gennaio 2019
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14 gennaio 2019
15 gennaio 2019
16 gennaio 2019
17 gennaio 2019
18 gennaio 2019
8 - 18 January 2019

dott.ssa Lorena Galante

Staff di Dipartimento-Ingegneria Civile Ambientale Meccanica
Via Mesiano, 77 - 38123 Trento

lorena.galante [at]

The course addresses doctoral students, post docs and young researchers in Hydrology, Forestry, and related disciplines. The course will focus on the simulation of the hydrological cycle of catchments of various sizes with the GEOframe system. To know more about GEOframe and GEOframe-NewAGE, please visit this webpage

No more than 30 students will be admitted to the course which will be held at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering of Trento from January 8 to January 18 included.

The course of a total amount of 68 hours (8 a day) out of which 34 (4 every day) will be dedicated to laboratory and individual work under the supervision of tutors. The course includes as option to get an exam certification, upon the completion of an exercise, to have doctoral credits.

The foreseen topics treated will be

Tuesday, January 8
Introduction to the course - What is OMS - What is GEOframe - Using Python and Jupyter for visualising Inputs and Outputs of GEOframe components

Wednesday, January  9
Catchments and Hydrologic Response Units delineation

Thursday and Friday, January, 10 - 11
Treatment of spatial data and Calibration

Saturday January 12
Morning (Problem solving - Optional)

Monday January 14
Estimation of radiation components

Tuesday, January 15
Evaporation and Transpiration 

Wednesday, January 16
Rainfall-Runoff modelling with various NewAGE components

Thursday, January 17
Rainfall-Runoff modelling with various NewAGE components

Friday, January 18
Exploiting various combination of GEOframe components and other processes

Registration and fees

The fee of the Winter School is:

  • € 250 for the Member of SII, The Italian hydrological Society, subscribers by the November 15, 2018
  • € 270 for non-Member of SII, The Italian hydrological Societysubscribers by the November 15, 2018
  • € 370 for Member and non-Member of SII, The Italian hydrological Society, subscribers after November 15, 2018.

The fee is free of “VAT tax” as per art. 10 DPR 633/72.

The fee includes learning materials to be downloaded from the Winter School website. Fee includes also lunchs, coffee-breaks and social dinner.

The online form for registration will be available soon.

After November 15 some work will be required to participant in order to setup their tools for running GEOframe. Installation of Java (version 8), installation of the Object  Modelling System console, Installation of Python and Python notebooks, testing the use of some file formats. After the accomplishment of the requirements, students will be allow to bring their own study cases at the School.

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