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Summer School NDRA2022

4th Summer School on Neutron Detectors and Related Applications
30 giugno 2022
1 luglio 2022
2 luglio 2022
3 luglio 2022
4 luglio 2022
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Venue: Riva del Garda

Continuing in its tradition, the aim of the school is to illustrate principles, methodologies and most recent applications of neutron detection technologies. In particular, the school will tackle various arguments that span from neutron interaction principles, materials for neutrons detectors, neutron sources, Monte Carlo simulation codes, up to applications with neutrons.  
The school is addressed to PhD students, Post-Docs and young researchers with backgrounds in Engineering and Physics.

Kindly notice: on Thursday 30 June, at 18.00 a Welcolme cocktail will be offered to participants. In the meantime it will be possible to check in for the School.


  • Neutron interaction with materials
  • Physics of neutron detectors
  • Materials for neutron detection
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Gas detectors for neutrons
  • Neutron sources
  • Neutrons in medicine, energy and environment


  • Jason Hayward (University of Tennessee, USA)
    Physics of neutron interaction with materials
  • Stanislav Pospisil (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic)
    Position sensitive semiconductor detectors
  • Paul Schotanus (Scionix, Netherlands)
    Inorganic Scintillators for Neutron Detection
  • Peter Schillebeeckx (EC-JRC-IRMM, Belgium)
    Data analysis in neutron detection
  • Gregor Kramberger (Josef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
    Solid state neutron detectors
  • Richard Hall-Wilton (European Spallation Source, Lund, Sweden)
    Neutron sources
  • Sara Pozzi (University of Michigan, USA)
    Neutron Detection for Nonproliferation Applications
  • Alfredo Ferrari (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany)
    Monte Carlo methods
  • Sandra Moretto (University of Padova, Italy)
    Environmental Neutron Detection
  • Ralf Engels (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany )
    Detector design
  • Bruno Guerard (Institute Laue-Langevin, France)
    Gas detectors
  • Frederico Garrido (Université Paris Sud, France)
    Neutrons and nuclear waste materials
  • Silva Bortolussi (University of Pavia, Italy)
    Neutrons for cancer therapy
  • Petr Burian (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic)
    Design of readout systems for pixel detectors
  • Benedikt Bergmann (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic)
    Application of the Time-of-Flight technique for study of neutron interactions on semiconductors

Organizing committee

  • Lucio.Pancheri [at] (Lucio Pancheri) - Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Trento and INFN-TIFPA, Trento, Italy
  • Alberto.Quaranta [at] (Alberto Quaranta) -  Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Trento and INFN-TIFPA, Trento, Italy
  • Gianfranco.Dallabetta [at] (Gian-Franco Dalla Betta) - Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Trento and INFN-TIFPA, Trento, Italy
  • lina.quintieri [at] (Lina Quintieri )-  STFC-UKRI - ISIS Neutron and Muon Source, UK
  • roberto.iuppa [at] (Roberto Iuppa), Department of Physics, University of Trento, Italy

Registration & Fees


Senior Researcher:

  • Early bid (by June 1st 2022): € 450
  • Late (June 1st - June 15th): € 500


  • Early bid (by June 1st 2022): € 350
  • Late (June 1st - June 15th): € 400

Please notice: no onsite registration or payment will be accepted.

A maximum of 60 registrations will be accepted. People who intend to join the school can preliminarily contact the organizing committee

> Important information
At present there are no significant problems and restrictions with Covid.  
Comprehensive and up to date information on the Covid situation and rules to enter 
Italy and take part in events can be found on the governmental website at this link

Poster and oral presentation

PhD and Post-Doc students are invited to present a poster with a short oral introduction during a dedicated session of the school. 
Instructions and template will be available in the Registration form.

Venue and accomodation

The school will be held at Astoria Park Hotel, please note that the fee does not include accommodation.

You are warmly recommended to book your accommodation as soon as possible, through an agency or a booking provider, as July is pick season and there could be lack of rooms in Riva del Garda.


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