Venue: Room “B102” DII, Via Sommarive, 9 Povo (TN) Time: 17:00Pm-19:00Pm

This year University of Trento started a team of undergraduate and graduate students to design and build from scratch a formula-style car to compete at International Formula SAE events against other Universities. Design and build a race car is a challenging task which requires organisation, commitment, knowledge and passion among other skills. In this seminar Francesco Giacomello gives some insights on race car design based on his 5 years experience at Red Bull Racing Formula One Team. Attendance priority is granted to Unitn FSAE team members.

  • FRANCESCO GIACOMELLO Simulation and vehicle dynamics engineer with more than five years of professional experience first in research and then in F1. Francesco Giacomello received the Master’s Degree in mechatronic engineering at University of Trento, Italy. From 2012 he is working in Red Bull Racing Formula One Team, starting as simulation and modelling engineer. His current position is Senior Vehicle Dynamics Engineer—Car Suspension, with support trackside for selected tests and race events.