Extreme ultraviolet free-standing transmittance filters for high brilliance sources

7 February 2020
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Venue: Polo F. Ferrari 2, via Sommarive 9 (Trento) – Seminar Room 
Time: 11.00


  • Kety Jimenez Tejeda - Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo

The presentation will be divided two parts. In the first part I will present a portion of my thesis project that lead us to our most recent publication:
Extreme ultraviolet free-standing transmittance filters for high brilliance sources, based on Nb/Zr and Zr/Nb thin films on Si3N4 membranes: Design, fabrication, optical and structural characterization


In this project, optical and structural properties of Niobium and Zirconium bilayer structures (Nb/Zr and Zr/Nb) were investigated in order to develop free-standing transmittance filters in the Extreme Ultraviolet region (EUV) between 5 and 20 nm. Samples of Nb/Zr and Zr/Nb were deposited on Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) membranes by magnetron sputtering technique, using metallic targets of Nb and Zr. A single layer of Zr and Nb on Si3N4 membrane has also been deposited and studied for a better understanding of the performance of these structures and their optical and mechanical properties.  Nb/Zr self-standing filters were obtained by etching the silicon nitride membrane, with free-standing areas up to 3 × 3 mm2 with 100 nm of thickness.

In the second part, I would like to talk about the possibility of collaboration agreements between the University of Trento, the Autònoma University of Santo Domingo and the Dominican Society of Physics.