An alternative routing network

DISI Seminar
27 maggio 2022
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Polo Ferrari 1 - Via Sommarive 5, Povo (Trento)
Aula Garda, piano 1
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Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
Comunità universitaria
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Fabrizio Granelli
Andreas Foglar, founder of InnoRoute


Andreas encourages thinking beyond borders. As an example, he questions the current Internet routing structure and proposes an alternative. What seemed to be a crazy idea in 2014 was evaluated consequently and quietly and now is in operation in Germany. Technical solutions for core network, redundancy, home gateway and access network are presented. A practical introduction scenario is described which allows for gradual deployment on customer demand. In summary, a secure alternative for VPN, IoT and research networking is now available in Germany. The technology is offered to interested startup companies in other European countries.

About the Speaker

Andreas Foglar founded the company InnoRoute in Munich, Germany after 24 years of business career in Telecommunications and Microelectronics. Today, the company has several innovative products, mainly for research and development. A library of hardware blocks for packet processing has been developed, and co-funded by EU and national research projects. The blocks are used in a high-end router and a cheap HAT for Raspberry Pi, both with TSN capability. Another innovation is a novel routing network for IoT operated by InnoRoute in Germany. Andreas will also give tips for startup creation and has a concrete offer for a startup topic in Italy.