Learning a Globally Scalable Driving Intelligence

DISI Industrial Workshops Series
14 dicembre 2022
Orario di inizio 
Polo Ferrari 1 - Via Sommarive 5, Povo (Trento)
Aula A203. Seminario in lingua inglese
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Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienza dell'Informazione
Comunità studentesca UniTrento
Ingresso libero
Gianluca Corrado (Lead Applied Scientist at Wayve)


Why aren’t self-driving vehicles widely available yet?

Over the past two decades we’ve seen incredible progress made in the self-driving industry. From what began as a race across the desert, now you can ride in a self-driving vehicle in very specific locations. But there is still quite a way to go to get to the wide-spread, global deployment of this transformational technology.
Traditional AV modular approaches which are based on high-definition maps, LiDAR sensors, hand-designed rules and interfaces are often limited in their ability to easily scale to new cities and need reengineering for each new vehicle type.
At Wayve we are reimagining the problem of self-driving using machine learning. What makes our AV2.0 technology unique is how we are leveraging AI, and more specifically end-to-end deep learning, to develop the on-board ‘driving intelligence’ to enable any electric vehicle to drive autonomously, even in places it’s never previously been to. Much like how people learn to drive but with the benefits of greater reliability and safety. Our technology is trained on vast amounts of driving data to continually improve driving performance and enable our system to adapt to changes on the road. We are showcasing the promise of our AI-powered technology via daily testing on public roads across the country on electric cars and light commercial vans. We are designing our technology to be scalable and it's our ambition to be first to deploy in 100 cities globally.
In this talk I will present some of the grand challenges of building globally scalable autonomy and how, at Wayve, we are using the latest advancements in the fields of computer vision and deep learning to tackle them.

Keywords: Computer vision, autonomous vehicles, end-to-end learning


14:30 - Welcome by prof. Andrea Passerini, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
14:35 - Company presentation
14:40 - Case study presented by Wayve
15:10 - Skills for the future 
15:15 - Q&A session

About the company

Wayve is on a mission to reimagine autonomous mobility through embodied intelligence. We are the first to deploy autonomous vehicles on public roads with end-to-end deep learning.
We are pioneering the AI software, lean hardware, and fleet learning platform for AV2.0: a next-generation autonomous driving system that can quickly and safely adapt to new driving domains anywhere in the world. Founded in 2017, Wayve is made up of a global team of experts in machine learning and robotics from top organisations around the world. Wayve has raised over $258M and is backed by Eclipse Ventures, D1 Capital Partners, Baillie Gifford, Moore Strategic Ventures, Balderton Capital, Virgin, Ocado Group, and prominent technology leaders such as Sir Richard Branson, Rosemary Leith and Yann LeCun. The team is headquartered in London with their fleet of vehicles testing in cities across the UK.
Wayve aims to be the first to deploy autonomy in 100 cities.