Time: May 8-12, 2017
Location: Room A101 – A102, Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico "Fabio Ferrari", via Sommarive 5, Povo (Trento)

The Course

We'll take you on a journey to discover the basic of the most important graphic softwares (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator). Every afternoon for 5 consecutive days we'll show you all the industry secrets that designers, photographers and artists use to transform their ideas into visual products. The new Grafik Week features a fresh design, an improved lesson plan and tons of new challenges and features. The workshop still offers everything students love about it: a dynamic learning enviroment which shapes around the skill level of the participants, a super friendly vibe and a diverse group of passionate organisers and professors eager to teach you everything they know about Graphic Design, Photoshop and Illustrator. The event is very practical (hands-on approach on learning graphic softwares) and conversational (lots of chats and breaks). This is not a conventional lecture - you've been warned! 

Course Content

We'll start from the very basic of Photoshop and Illustrator and go from there. The schedule is flexible as it's built around the class skill level - which tend to vary dramatically each edition. As a general guide we guarantee to teach the following:

  • Softwares dynamics (as in - how this software works and what you can do with it)
  • The workspace and the interface (from the menu to the canvas)
  • The tools and their use (expect 100+ practical exercises)
  • Raster images and their manipulation (imagine flying dragons)
  • Vector objects and paths creation (you'll love this part)
  • Grid system theory (it's less boring than it sounds)
  • Colouring techniques (be a kid again)
  • Typography (nothing too academic - more like an eye opening discovery)
  • Creativity and the art of generating ideas
  • Saving and exporting your work (there wouldn't be much point in creating stuff otherwise)


Everyone is welcome to participate, you don't have to be a University student. We provide dynamic lessons, a fully equipped classroom and the promise of five amazing afternoons talking about photography, typography, colour theory, grid system and creativity. You are only asked to follow these simple rules:

  1. To partecipate is essential to bring your own laptop and download the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop free trials;
  2. This is a 5 day workshop, with progressive difficulty (day one being the easiest, day five the hardest);
  3. This workshop requires a basic knowledge of computer. Can you connect your laptop to the internet in a cafè? Can you install Adobe Illustrator by yourself or with minimal help? Can you open a browser and find the Grafik Week website on the Internet? Yes? Then you have enough knowledge of computer to attend the workshop

Why is this course free? Where is the catch?

If you are reading this it's probably because you are fully aware that the market doesn't offer anything similar in this price range (which is zero). Offering a graphic workshop requires costly equipment (computer workstations, Adobe licenses), ongoing classroom rent and qualified personel (instructors, teacher).
We knocked down these costs thanks to a team of passionate volunteers and by asking you to provide for:

  • your own laptop - because we are sure that today everyone owns one;
  • an Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop license, because you can download it for free (trial version, lasts 7 days);
  • time, because understanding this software will need plenty of it;
  • Not least important is the generosity of the University of Trento that lets us use its amazing classrooms and equipment. So by keeping the costs very low, we can continuing to offer Grafik Week free of charge to you  


Monday May 8th - A101 from 16:00 - Photography
Tuesday May 9th - A102 from 15:00 - Advanced Picture Retouching
Wednesday May 10th - A102 form 15:00 - Grid system and typography
Thursday May 11th - A101 from 16:00 - Colour and vector creation
Friday May 12th - A101 form 15:00 - Creativity projects

Find more info at the Grafik Week website

Please sign in at eventbrite, the registration is required only for organizational reasons