The project-based method for a competence-based approach: Teaching computer science in Italian secondary schools

PhD candidate Silvio Giaffredo

22 ottobre 2018
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Time: h 11:00 am
Location: Room Garda, Polo Ferrari 1 - Via Sommarive 5, Povo (TN)  

PhD Candidate

  • Silvio Giaffredo

Abstract of Dissertation

The competence-based approach to education has been found to be effective for teaching. Some countries have adopted it and subsequently reshaped the school system accordingly. Introduced in Italian secondary schools in 2010 by the Ministry for Education, the competence-based approach has only been partially adopted in the classes. Our research aims at discovering solutions to support the adoption of this approach for teachers in Italian secondary schools. A two steps approach has been investigated: 1) inclusion of teachers in the process of competence definition, and 2) support of teachers activity during student projects. The study focuses on computer science teachers, who often teach using the student projects. A software system for a participated definition of competences has been set up. A training course has been designed and implemented. Some student projects have been studied through teacher and student observation in the classroom and in laboratory. The results indicate a weak commitment on the part of teachers towards the competence-based approach. At the same time, exploiting students projects towards the project-based learning method encourages teachers to adopt a competence-based approach, provided the projects are carefully designed and effectively managed.