Vision-based inspection of injectable pharmaceutical products: how is it done?

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17 ottobre 2018
17 ottobre 2018

Hour: 13.30 to 14.30 pm
Venue: Via Sommarive 5 - Polo Ferrari 1 (Povo, TN) - Room A103 


  • Nicu Sebe, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science


About the Speaker

Michele Zanin, PhD is currently Head of Vision Department at Brevetti CEA. His team of Computer Vision engineers designs all vision-based inspection stations of a Brevetti CEA machine. From initial feasibility study, to final validation, selecting the right illumination principle, camera position, framerate, lens, field of view, designing and implementing solid vision algorithms, fully integrated into the machine software stack.
Before Brevetti CEA, Michele worked for over a decade as researcher in FBK, in the Technologies of Vision team, exploring different fields, e.g. Augmented Reality, Geoinformatics, Intelligent Vehicles, Intelligent Transportation Systems.


The entire pharmaceutical industry worldwide adopts a common set of rules for production of medicines. In case of injectable products, it is mandatory for each producer to inspect every single sample, in order to detect a large variety of defects. Some of them, like particle contamination, could be lethally dangerous for the final user, while others are more related to appearance and perceived quality.
The current standard is using automatic inspection machines, like those produced by Brevetti CEA. 
This presentation describes some of the technological challenges an high-quality and high-speed machine must face, with practical examples from the field, with real products and real defects.

About the company

Brevetti CEA is 100% focused on the design and production of inspection machines for injectable pharmaceutical products.
Since the 1950’s we have been committed to supporting companies around the world in order to guarantee the use of safer medicines for patient health.
Fully responding to the expectations of the most advanced Pharma sectors, Brevetti Cea offers a comprehensive range of automatic inspection machines for injectable pharmaceutical products contained in syringes, ampoules, vials, cartridges and bottles.
Each machine is UNIQUE as it is tailored and designed to meet the most complex technical requirements and to give optimum performance.
Product innovation, experience and reliability, combined with a full range of Customer pre and after-sales support services highlight Brevetti CEA as the ideal partner for successful investments.

For more information, please contact comm.disi [at] 

Vision-based inspection of injectable pharmaceutical products: how is it done? @DISI
Vision-based inspection of injectable pharmaceutical products: how is it done? @DISI