Software architecture refactoring

Wednesday's @DISI Industrial Workshops
28 novembre 2018
28 novembre 2018

Venue: Via Sommarive 5 - Polo Ferrari 1 (Povo, TN) - Room A103
Time: 01.30 to 2.30 pm


Prof. Paolo Giorgini, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science



Software architecture directly influences system qualities like modifiability, performance, security, availability, and reliability.
If the architecture is poor, no amount of tuning or implementation tricks after the initial development will help significantly improve system qualities. 
With consolidation in Fintech Industry, companies, like ION, faced the dilemma of finding an efficient strategy to make M&A a real value added for their customers. 
Software Architecture Refactoring (akka re-engineering) has been the ION answer to such dilemma.

The speech will focus on the different re-engineering methodologies adopted @ ION to get rid of 

  • The non-functional limitations imposed by old style architectures and infrastructures
  • The no longer sustainable costs derived from having to maintain legacy systems 
  • The limited usability of legacy systems

We will present one of our concrete re-engineering projects with a view on the re-engineering practices and technologies adopted. 

About the Speakers

Carlo  Bellanca has a MSc in Computer Science from University of Pisa. He co-founded ION in 2000. Before founding ION he worked for 5 years as a Software Developer in LIST Spa. At ION he started developing ION low latency/high frequency middleware and the ION managed platform tools putting in place the building blocks for ION micro-service architecture in late nineteens. He then contributed to build infrastructure. and first instances of ION connectivity vs electronic markets setting up interface and behavioral standards for all ION connectivity layers. He subsequently moved to building up the first suite of ION Algo Trading tools. 
In 2004 with first M&A operations he participated at the onboarding of acquired companies with deep involvement on technical and organizational due diligences and re-engineering activities.
With the increasing demand of reusable infrastructure resulting from new requirements coming from M&A activities and re-engineering projects, in 2008 he focused back on ION core architectural aspects of the product development leading the Middleware and Platform division within ION.
In 2017 he pivoted his contribute to ION by leading Talent Acquisition strategies for ION Trading S.r.l.

Sandro Sansone has a MSc in Computer Science from University of Pisa. He joined ION in July 2006
He joined as a software developer, very passionate about technology and software development, with the responsibility of developing applications to connect to financial markets.
Over the years, his responsibility grew, and after the acquisition of WallstreetSystem (WSS) of 2011, he is now a development manager within ION FX, with the main project of re-engineering WSS FX with the ION Technology.
In 2015, Sandro relocated to London.
Sandro is still passionate about technology and motivated about the automation of manual processes using technologies, in line with ION's key mission.

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Software Architecture Refactoring @DISI
Software Architecture Refactoring @DISI