ALTEN Italia: Projects from TLC & Media Division

Workshops Industriali di Mercoledì @DISI
12 dicembre 2018
12 dicembre 2018

Hour: 13.30 to 14.30 pm
Venue: Via Sommarive 5 - Polo Ferrari 1 (Povo, TN) - Room A103


  • Prof. Alberto Montresor, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science



The speech will focus on some projects developed @ ALTEN Italia 

  • Mobile Network Project: Costumers Network Quality TAC & MAO Activity
  • Digital Media Project: Luxottica and Telecom Italia

Mobile Network Project: Customers Network Quality TAC & MAO Activity
ALTEN Italia Spa has been developed a turn Key Project for the management of customers’ issues for the Vodafone Mobile Network thanks to the work of the team Technical Assurance Consumers (TAC) and Mobile Access Operation (MAO).
The Team is divided according to the vendors used: Nokia for the North and Huawei for the center-south.
When TAC group finds an anomaly in the network access, the management passes internally to the colleagues of MAO through the opening of specific tickets on the management tool.
MAO group performs targeted customer analysis and checks the performance of any serving cells by looking for Bad RxQ (poor quality), interference, throughput, pkt waste, coverage.
Possible MAO actions are:

  • Entrust technicians (or any other Vodafone groups) to check the system and replace the hardware;
  • Joint checks for interferential degradation;
  • Follow the whole process until it is resolved.

After MAO actions, TAC performs customer check call to verify the issues resolution.

Digital Media Project: Luxottica Radar Pace
Is a smart eye-wear that features a real-time voice activated coaching system, with
Bluetooth audio headset: it creates dynamic and personalized training programs and supports for the athletes. It has several components:

  • Oakley eyewear with integrated earbuds, microphone and sensors;
  • A mobile companion app for iOS and Android;
  • A cloud based back-end provides services and persistence.

Digital Media Project: TIM Vision 
Is an Internet video on demand (VOD) service by TIM/Telecom Italia that offers television shows, movies and TV series.
The set top box uses different technologies: Meego (a Linux based custom operating system) and Google's AndroidTV (a version of Android operating system designed for media players). It works as a Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) decoder and integrates third party services/apps, such as Netflix.
The application makes heavy use of firmware services (developed as a native C++/QT application) mainly to handle DRM and play video.
The TVApp is AndroidTV main system app: it is built and released with the operating system and cannot be replaced by the user.
Alten's team has worked in close contact with both Google's and Technicolor teams, helping to identify and troubleshoot integration issues between hardware, firmware and operating system, also through Android platform.

About the Speaker

Fabio Moratti was born in 1968 in Rome. He graduate with a Mater’s Degree in Physics at Sapienza University of Rome.
After completing his academic career, Fabio started his work with a job in computer science, his greatest passions.
Upon joining ALTEN Italia, Fabio takes part in structured teams for the Web Application development projects, mobile application projects and integration with high added value.
The experience achieved and the high degree of specialization obtained with numerous refresh and in – depth courses, led him to reach roles as Project Manager and Team Leader, coordinating and managing teams dedicated to the development of projects in the IT and Digital Transformation.
To date, Fabio, in ALTEN Italy, plays a leading role in the engineering component of the team. In fact, as Technical Unit Manager, it deals with the planning and coordination of the project activities, as well as with the development of strategic partnerships with the top customers, supporting the managerial activities of the various Business Units from a technical point of view and highlighting the Know- how and the Value Proposition that distinguish ALTEN on the National market.

About the company

ALTEN Italia is a subsidiary of the ALTEN Group, the European leader in engineering and technology consulting, provides support for its clients’ development strategies in the fields of innovation, R&D and it systems.

For more information, please contact comm.disi [at]

ALTEN Italia: Projects from TLC & Media Division @DISI
ALTEN Italia: Projects from TLC & Media Division@DISI