On complexities of an IOT architecture

Wednesday's @DISI Industrial Workshops
27 febbraio 2019
27 febbraio 2019

Hour: 13.30 to 14.30 pm
Venue: Via Sommarive 5 - Polo Ferrari 1 (Povo, TN) - Room A103


  • Prof. Alberto Montresor, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science



The presentation will cover the key-points wich are the foundation of an IOT Architecture such as Reliability, Scalability and Maintainability and the techniques to achieve them. There will be a glimpse on replication strategies, data partitiong/sharding and the problem of consistency and consensus in a distributed system. The pro/cons of asynchronous and synchronous comunication between microservices will be analyzed through a quick view of the messaging and service-discovery paradigms. Finally, there will be an overview of the NoSql approach to data storing.

For more information, please contact comm.disi [at] unitn.it