Design Thinking & Doing for Industrial Domain

DISI Industrial Workshops Series
30 settembre 2020
30 Settembre 2020

Time: 13.30 - 14.30, Virtual event in English language



User Experience Design has always had a global reach, making its way through many different areas in the last decade. Starting from the traditional ones, like websites, to the newest ones, like smart-connected-products. The idea of involving and designing products and services for end-users has also transformed today’s automation-driven world. However, there are areas where the acknowledgment of its importance is low and resistance to adopt is high.

The manufacturing world is one of them. People who have worked in this area know how complex it is to work as a UX design professional.  They say if you can withstand a tough terrain, you can handle anything. We as a design studio in Italy want to bring a new and interesting point of UXD view to designers and engineers. Using a case study, we will discuss the challenges, opportunities and improvisations of UX design in the complex B2B manufacturing sector.  Why manufacturing sector matters? How is this sector different? What are the reasons and the benefits for embracing UXD? What are the consequences? What are the possible UXD approaches and methods we could mould to prepare for this revolution? This presentation aims at answering the above questions and diffuse our knowledge as UXD practitioners in manufacturing sector to students, teachers, stakeholders.


13:30 - Welcome by prof. Vincenzo D’Andrea, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
13:35 - Company presentation, NiEW Design Srl 
13:40 - Case study presented by Daniele De Cia and Andrea Violante
14:10 - Skills for the future 
14:15 - Q&A session


Free participation upon registration online by 29 September. Register here

About the company

NiEW Design Srl is a people focused, internationally awarded, strategic consultancy company.
NiEW is based in Modena - Italy, right in the heart of the Packaging/Motor/Food Valley, focused on digital and innovation in manufacturing, applying the Design Thinking methodology to evolve the way leading companies create value.

DISI Industrial Workshops: A series of Workshops dedicated to technologies, methodologies and case studies by leading companies aimed to bring students closer to today's real business world.
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