Integrated collaborative systems in Smart Factories

DISI Industrial Workshops Series
31 marzo 2021
31 March 2021

Where: on Zoom Platform
Time: 1:30 - 2:30 



Current factory innovation in manufacturing shows a trend toward the realization of more collaborative factories with a growing integration of the operator in line according to the principles of Industry 4.0 (interconnected automation) and 5.0 (humanization and re-use of resources).
The vision includes interconnected manufacturing with the smart use of mobile and fixed robotic systems, Human-Robot Collaboration, quality and machinery active monitoring systems for operator’s assistance and AGVs that interact with operators and the industrial environment.
The integration of these systems into the smart factory leads to improvements in productivity, quality, flexibility and ergonomics. The enhancement of operator’s capabilities, assisted by automated systems in low value added operations, enables a more pervasive utilization of human intelligence and flexibility along with improved performances in automation. The accessibility to performance and historical data from distributed sensors and machines allows for greater efficiency in operator-managed quality and maintenance services, while the use of advanced human-machine interfaces (from augmented reality to wearable devices) simplifies the work activities. Similarly, the use of modeling and digital simulation systems facilitates and optimizes factory design and validation, from single workstations to the entire Shop Floor. 
The presentation will have an introduction to the “Factory Innovation” department activities in WCM Research and Innovation in Centro Ricerche FIAT.
Keywords: Human Robot Collaboration, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Digital Twins


13:30 - Welcome by prof. Marco Roveri, Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
13:35 - Company presentation 
13:40 - Case study presented by Alessandro Zanella
14:10 - Skills for the future 
14:15 - Q&A session


Free participation upon registration online by 30 March. 

About the Company

CRF (Centro Ricerche Fiat), headquartered in Orbassano (Turin) with other branch sites in Italy, was established in 1978. As a focal point for research activities of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), CRF has the mission to: 
• Develop and transfer innovative powertrains, vehicle systems and features, materials, processes and methodologies together with innovation expertise in order to improve the competitiveness of FCA products; 
• Represent FCA in European collaborative research programs, joining pre-competitive projects and promoting networking actions; 
• Support FCA in the protection and enhancement of intellectual property. 
CRF conducts collaborative research initiatives at the national and international levels in partnership with all the key public and private stakeholders concerned with sustainable mobility, targeting specifically the industrial exploitation of research.
The World Class Manufacturing Research & Innovation (WCM R&I) area specifically deals with innovation in manufacturing and processes.
The main activity of the “Factory Innovation” department is the research and innovation in the factories and the manufacturing process in the fields of flexibility and productivity, energy management, innovative robotics, quality monitoring, ergonomics and logistics. WCM R&I supports the FCA group Manufacturing Engineering in the definition, development and application of innovative technologies and methodologies in the plants.

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