Cyber-physical systems: two case studies in design methodology

Luca Rizzon PhD Thesis Defence

28 aprile 2016
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Date: April 28, 2016        
Time: 14:30
Location: Meeting room Ofek - Polo scientifico e tecnologico "Fabio Ferrari" (Building Povo 1, via Sommarive 5 – Povo, Trento)

  • Luca Rizzon, University of Trento

To analyze embedded systems, engineers use tools that can simulate the performance of software components executed on hardware architectures. When the embedded system functionality is strongly correlated to physical quantities, as in the case of Cyber-Physical System (CPS), we need to model physical processes to determine the overall behavior of the system.
Unfortunately, embedded systems simulators are not generally suitable to evaluate physical processes, and in the same way physical model simulators hardly capture the functionality of computing systems.
In this thesis, we present a methodology to concurrently explore these aspects using the MetroII design framework. To demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approach, we applied the methodology to two case studies: a binaural guidance interface and a energy recovery device.

Contact: Luca Rizzon, luca.rizzon [at]